Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Couples

Have you ever wondered what are the best Feng Shui bedroom colors for a couple?

Bedroom colors can help you when you're single establish a long-term relationship but what should you look for once you're in the relationship and how should you design your bedroom to support your relationship, create an environment of communication, intimacy and great sex?

In today's episode of Ken Lauher TV, you'll hear from a reader who has found the partner that is right for her and they're moving into a new home together and want to create a great Feng Shui bedroom experience to support their goals and partnership.

Click play to discover the #1 best bedroom color for couples and other suggestions for the bedroom to create a stronger, more intimate relationship.

If you're in a relationship right now but you're starting to feel some strain, make sure you read these Feng Shui relationship tips. It works like magic.

I know today's topic is one that many of us can relate to and I'll bet you have stories, experiences and insights to share. In the comments below, I want to hear from YOU.

Specifically, let me know:

1. What colors do you have your bedroom walls painted?

2. Do you feel it adds value to your relationship or does it take away from your bedroom experience?

3. Do you feel calm, relaxed and at peace in your bedroom?

4. Is your bedroom conducive to the two words that both start with the letter "S"?

Of course, if you have other insights to share on creating a supportive and loving relationship,  I'd love to hear that too.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing!

P.S. If you want additional guidance from me to help you set up your home for love, peace, harmony, abundance and more, get started today >>
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Feng Shui Relationship: 3 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

The other day, I shared some signs that may indicate you've found true love with the man of your dreams. But what if you have deeper doubts? You know it's not true love (yet), but you think there may be a chance for your love to grow, given time.

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Cook Dinner At Home for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a unique idea for a Valentine's Day date? Why not skip the crowded restaurant scene and have a nice, romantic dinner at home? Using your stove is good Feng Shui, as it gets the energy flowing in that area of your home and reflects your income opportunities, fame and reputation. So, if you want to be popular with the opposite sex, you really can win someone's heart with a home-cooked meal.

Make Food Prep Easy and Stress-Free

To set the stage for your romantic dinner, plan something easy. You don't want stress over food prep to ruin your mood before the night even begins. Whether it's lobster, stir fry or a pasta dish (make sure to keep it light so you're not too stuffed for after-dinner festivities), create a plan for cooking that will keep it simple.

Select Colorful Foods

Bright, colorful foods are healthy and look more appealing on the plate. Don't weigh things down in heavy sauces, and pick a variety of fresh vegetables of different colors for a meal that's as attractive as your date. Finish off with fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a sensual, sense-tingling dessert. Check out this article for more tips about Feng Shui foods.

Set the Right Feng Shui Mood from Start to Finish

Set the table with classy black and white linens with splashes of red for color (and passion). Consider placing red roses on the table, but keep them cut short so they don't obstruct your view of each other. You can dine by unscented candlelight for a truly romantic mood.

(By the way, on page 61 of my eBook I share another FABULOUS tip about how to Feng Shui For Love. This one tip corrects a deadly mistake almost EVERY woman makes with relationships - you’ll see what I mean…)

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Feng Shui Love Tips: How To Attract True Love and New Opportunities

It's one of the dangers of living in New York City, or anywhere that space is tight. People feel compelled to fill every empty spot with... something. Storage solutions. Furniture. Stuff.

Certainly, you can decorate in a way that makes the most of your space, including creating additional storage where it is needed and flexible seating arrangements to make guests to your home or apartment comfortable, too.

But true beauty and elegance is often found in the empty spaces of a home or apartment. If the energy in your home or apartment doesn't feel just right, it might not be that you need to add more furniture, carpeting, artwork, knick-knacks or even Feng Shui cures. Sometimes, you'll create elegance by taking things away instead of adding to the clutter and the energy around you.

Energy All Around Us

Every item we own or come into contact with has its own energy. When we add more “things” to our space, we are co-mingling that energy with our own. Before adding something to your space, make sure its energy will be a positive addition.

- Do you love it?
- Is it useful?
- Does it have a purpose (even if that purpose is just to bring you joy)?

Make Room for Your Own Energy

Just because there's an empty space -- perhaps a corner in your living room, or a blank wall in the kitchen -- it doesn't mean you have to fill it. The more open, empty space we have, the more chi can circulate through our home, carrying opportunities, good health, and happiness.We can permit our own energy to permeate our home, making it truly “ours,” a vehicle we can use on our journey to discover our true-self and begin to live the life of our dreams.
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