Is an L-Shaped Home Feng Shui Bad Luck?

In Feng Shui, an L-shaped home is considered unlucky, inauspicious or unfortunate. L-shaped homes imply that something is “missing” or unbalanced, especially if the L represents a “missing” section rather than an extension. If the L-shaped extension is exactly 50% of the total length of the home, this too, can create imbalance.

An L-shaped home with a bedroom, kitchen or dining room in the extended area can cause marital discord and a lack of family unity. Other rooms in this area can cause a loss of concentration, failures at work, and financial difficulties.

There are ways to correct the imbalance caused by an L-shaped building, though.

1. Use living chi, in the form of a tree within the missing area of the L.
2. Point a spotlight up in the missing area
3. Place a fountain or statue in that area to “connect” it visually to the rest of the home.

With these remedies, an L-Shaped home doesn't have to mean bad Feng Shui luck, but this structure is best avoided if possible.
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How To Select The Best Feng Shui Location for a New Home or Business

Are you looking for land on which to build a new home or start a business? In addition to assessing the chi of the land, the health of plants and animals in the area, and the chi of your neighbors, you'll want to look at the shape of the land.

A regular shaped plot -- square or rectangle -- is best, because all sections of the bagua will be represented. A square or rectangular plot of land also gives a sense of "wholeness" to the area.
If your land is irregularly shaped, look for a plot with "additions," rather than missing segments.

If the area that sticks out is smaller than half the width or length of the rest of the plot, this is an addition and you will experience greater fortune in the area of life corresponding to the bagua addition.

For instance, a business owner may look for a plot of land with an addition in the "wealth" area for increased success. A family may find an addition in the "children" section most desirable.

Cures for "Missing" Segments of the Bagua

If your plot of land has missing segments, don't despair. You can fix these segments and bring fortune to your life using:
- Flowers planted on the property in colors that correspond with the missing segment of the bagua
- Lights that shine to "complete" that area of the property
- Trees
- Water elements such as a fountain or pond

Need help with land selection for a new home or business? During a Feng Shui consultation for land selection, I will consider all the Feng Shui factors of a property to help you find a place where your life or business will thrive for years to come.
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What Can I Expect During a Feng Shui Consultation?

If you're having problems related to your career, finances, romantic relationships or overall mood, a Feng Shui consultation might help. By altering your environment and surroundings under the watchful guidance of a professional, you'll be able to see positive changes take place in your life.

When a Black Sect Feng Shui consultant visits your home for a consultation, expect an interactive experience. Black Sect Feng Shui employs both transcendental (spiritual) and mundane (connected to everyday life) methods to improve the flow of chi (energy) through your home.

The Feng Shui Ba Gua in Your Home
Black Sect Feng Shui does not use a compass to determine the trigram positions or the direction in which to overlay the ba gua over a space. Instead, the Feng Shui consultant will determine the position by which chi enters your home (usually through a front door, but sometimes through another door), and lay the ba gua over the space with the front door in one of three front sectors of the ba gua.

He will also find the central palace (tai chi position) of your home, and assess the placement of important rooms (including the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom) in relation to the central line and central palace.

After completing a site survey, in which he uses his knowledge of Feng Shui, observational skills, intuition and other techniques to assess the chi in the space, he will assess your Feng Shui needs in relation to your personal chi and the dynamics of your home.

Working with your Feng Shui Consultant
At the start of the consultation, the Feng Shui consultant will discuss with you the areas of your life you feel need help, where your priorities lie, and what your future goals are.

Be prepared to think -- and speak -- in depth about the areas of life covered by the eight Trigrams and the tai chi position (the central palace). You'll want to consider strong and weak areas of your life, and how your surroundings may affect these areas. It's a good idea to brainstorm your goals in regard to these eight areas. It may help to ask yourself the following questions:

- What role does money play in my life? Do I have enough? Do I spend it (or lose it) as quickly as it comes in? Is increasing my wealth a major goal right now?

- What are my goals in regard to children? Do I want to conceive right now? Do I desire better control as a parent?

- Do I feel creativity lacking in my life?

- What is my reputation at work and in my community? Is it important to me that I'm highly regarded amongst my peers?

- Am I stuck in my career or advancing quickly? What aspects of my business life would I like to improve?

- Am I looking to further my education or take part in career development? Is this a priority right now? How are my children doing in school?

- How is my love life and my relationship with my partner? Or am I seeking a romantic relationship?

- How are my relationships with others in general? Do people help me when I need it? Do my friendships have a fair amount of give and take?

- What is my overall health? Do I have any illnesses or ailments? Do I have a lot of energy everyday? Do I sleep well at night?  

- What is my overall mood? Am I typically in good spirits?

Intention in Feng Shui
Since intention plays such a large role in Feng Shui, it's important to visualize the improvements you'd like to make in your life, and to know that the Feng Shui cures an expert implements will help you to realize these positive changes.

Learn more about working with a Feng Shui consultant to experience your full potential.
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