Feng Shui in the Office: What Does Your Chair Say About You?

When you apply Feng Shui in the office for career advancement or increased wealth, one of the best places to begin is with your office chair. It may be tempting to splurge on one of the trendy, ergonomic office chairs from a high-end designer like Herman Miller. But be careful -- many of these chairs don't follow Feng Shui principles.

Many ergonomic, high-end chairs feature a mesh or open-style back, designed to keep people cool and promote air flow. They may also have an odd-shaped base designed for good looks and easy movement. But the best chair if you apply Feng Shui in the office is one with a solid base and a solid back -- the higher, the better. Of course, you should look for sacral, lumbar and spine support, but you want all this in a large, solid office chair.

Here are some more characteristics of the best chair if you want to apply Feng Shui in the office.

Solid base: Again, look for a solid base for stability in your job and life.

Arm rests: These provide support and protection, literally and symbolically.

Solid back: The higher the back, the better.

High quality: Take a look around any corporate office. Lower level employees have less expensive, smaller chairs; their chairs often don't follow the Feng Shui principles. As you climb the corporate ladder, the size and quality of your chair improves. When you see CEOs represented on TV or in magazine pictures, they are always in a large, high-backed, quality office chair that looks very solid.

When you shop for your next office chair, consider your purchase carefully. Why not shop for a chair that fits the career position you want to be in, rather than where you are now?
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Basic Feng Shui Cure #6 - Use Electrical Devices to Activate Sections of the Bagua for Increased Wealth and Fame

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

When the ancient Chinese first began using Feng Shui, of course, there was no such thing as electricity. Modern Feng Shui masters had to find ways to account for these devices and their affects on the chi of a home, apartment or business.

Today, electrical devices including stereo sound systems, television sets, and, of course, lights, are employed as one of the nine basic Feng Shui cures. In general, electrical objects have a very active, lively chi, and are useful to brighten a space when more energy is needed.

No Place in the Bedroom
Electrically powered objects should be kept out of the bedroom -- and especially the master bedroom -- as they can create stress and detract from a good night's sleep and the peaceful, calming atmosphere of a bedroom.

If you require an electric or battery-powered alarm clock to wake up in the morning, point the clock so it is facing away from you. The lights may keep you awake at night, and, if you can't sleep, there's nothing worse than watching the minutes rush by as morning approaches. This only adds to insomnia.

Electrical Energy to Raise the Chi
In most areas of the home, electrical energy is positive, carrying uplifting chi that will activate that segment of the Ba Gua. An air conditioner in the wealth corner will have the same effect as a water feature -- improving the financial situation of the home's residents. A television in the fame corner is an effective way to become more well-known in your industry or vocation.
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Feng Shui Helpful People: How To Find a Mentor to Advance Your Career and Increase Your Income

Do you always get the help you need, when you need it? Do co-workers jump in at the 11th hour to make sure you meet that important deadline? Do influential people offer advice that can help you advance in your career? Do you have wise people in your life who are helping you in your spiritual development? What does your social network (both online and in real life) look like -- is it filled with people who can help you achieve your own financial, personal or spiritual goals?

If you answered all these questions with a resounding “Yes!”, you can stop reading and continue on your path to fulfillment. If not (and I'm guessing you answered “sometimes” to most of them), you can use Feng Shui to attract more helpful people and mentors into your life.

Why Seek Out Mentors?
The quantity and quality of mentors we have in our lives will greatly impact the wealth we can earn in our career. A working mother who knows she can find good child care will have better focus, leading to greater success at work. An intern with a supportive supervisor will advance quickly in his chosen career. A husband with a wife who encourages him in his business (or vice versa) will do well.

It Begins with the Bagua
We can increase our wealth by enhancing the helpful people/travel (chyan) section of the bagua. You can apply these tips to your home's overall floor plan, your office, or a single room.

The chyan position of the bagua corresponds with the element of metal. If your kitchen is located in the chyan position of your home, hang those stainless steel pots and pans proudly from the walls or ceiling.

If your living room is situated in this segment of the bagua, introduce metal windchimes, a mirror, brass lamps, or shiny trophies representing your achievements. Photos of your favorite people, family and friends -- or people you would like to have as mentors -- in metal picture frames will activate this corner of your living room, office or study, too. Since gray is the color associated with metal, black and white pictures work best.

Since fire “melts” metal, avoid the color red or anything associated with fire (including a fireplace) in this segment of your home or office.

Focus on Travel
If your business involves travel -- or if you'd like to travel more -- you can also store your luggage in this section of your home or office. In addition to photos of helpful people, you can add postcards of your favorite places, vacation souvenirs, and anything that reminds you of traveling.

One woman, planning a trip to France, placed a metal replica of the Eiffel tower in the “helpful people” corner of her desk. She's packing her bags for her getaway now.

Invite Helpful People into Your Home
Once you've activated the helpful people segment of your home or office, you'll find that help comes to you when you need it. However, don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it, even if you have to pay for it.

Consider hiring a maid. Coming home to a clean house will lift your energy, so you can focus on your career and pursuing your passion. All the best managers learn how to delegate tasks -- paying an extra $30 to $50 a week to have a sparkling clean home where the chi flows freely is a wise investment.

To Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor
After you've used Feng Shui to strengthen the helpful people section of your home, you may feel more inclined to help others, as well. Look for opportunities to support others in their career, to help family and friends, and reach out as a mentor yourself.

This combination of the “mundane” and the “transcendental” will yield the best results when it comes to attracting helpful people into your life. 

Need additional assistance? Take a look at these options.
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Feng Shui Clothing Colors: How To Use The Colors In Your Wardrobe To Turn Heads and Get Noticed

Looking to get noticed on a date, at a party or during a job interview?

Red is one of the most powerful colors of the rainbow, symbolizing good luck, success, or a fiery personality, full of passion. For entrepreneurs attending networking events, red will catch people's eyes. Incorporating a fun pin or accessory that invites comments will also help you catch people's attention so you can find out how you can help them in their pursuits.

However, if you're going on a job interview, red may signal combativeness. Blue, which represents loyalty and trustworthiness, is far better for this purpose. A clean, bright blue shirt will get you noticed for your credibility.

Green is also an attractive color for people with many different kinds of chi. Representing hope, new ideas, and good luck, green is sure to lift your energy and inspire those around you.

Multicolored floral patterns are also auspicious for social engagements. When you wear clothes featuring many different colors, you'll appeal to people of many different personalities. Different chi is represented -- and strengthened -- by different colors. Regardless of what type of elemental chi a person possesses, multicolored clothes will draw them in and raise their chi. Bright floral patterns are fun, feel-good clothes.

Why not celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a wardrobe makeover and bring out the bright-colored clothes.
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Feng Shui Clothing Colors: Best Clothing Colors For Your Career

Are you following your passion with a career you love? The adage, “Do what you love and the money will follow rings very true.” However, if you are positive you love your career -- whether you are an entrepreneur or working for someone else -- but still haven't achieved the success you would like, you may be dressing for the wrong calling.

In Feng Shui, certain colors fit certain career paths best. If you match your career to the bagua color wheel, where different colors correspond with different elements and sections of a space, you can activate your personal chi for greater career success.

Here are a few examples of common careers and the colors people in these industries should wear to promote success.

- One key to this job is helping people feel secure when they entrust you with their money. The color blue is comforting and confidence-inspiring. Because the wealth area of the bagua sits between wood and fire (blue/green and red, respectively), pink, red, blue, green and purple are all auspicious accent colors.

College professor - Black or dark brown promote an air of seriousness. Be careful, though, not to stock your wardrobe with entirely drab colors. Brighten your outfit with lively complimentary colors or you may risk depression. Red encourages rationality and lively thinking in your students and is a good counterpart to more somber colors.

Health care worker
- Hospitals have it right when they dress doctors and nurses in light shades of blue and green. These colors encourage hopefulness while inspiring confidence. White is also good to encourage -- and exude -- an air of cleanliness, while red accents symbolize a warm heart and good bedside manner.

Real Estate Agent - White will encourage your speaking ability while also letting the home “speak for itself,” creating the proverbial blank slate so you don't distract from the house's interior decorating. Red will bring out rationality in your buyers, while pink will warm up your customers. Also, if you haven't had a chance to meet your prospective buyers or sellers or have a number of appointments scheduled for the day, employing multicolored clothing can help any salesperson achieve their objective and will do the same for real estate professionals.

School teacher - Green, blue and pink inspires confidence and “warms up” students. Red will encourage rational thinking. In contrast to college professors, who want a serious, attentive class, primary school teachers who wear dark, somber colors may find it hard to excite young students about the subject matter.

Therapist/Psychologist - The best colors for this job may depend upon the patients you are meeting that day. White will help you maintain your own peace of mind in the presence of patients who may not be stable. Green will give you energy and enthusiasm. Black can give you an air of seriousness, but be careful -- too much black in your wardrobe will depress your chi, especially after listening to other people's problems all day. Multicolored clothing may work well for mentally unstable patients.

Graphic designers/writers/creative careers - Graphic designers work well when dressed in multi-colored clothing, or outfits of a single primary color -- except black or white, which don't promote creativity. Writers and editors can enhance their personal chi and creativity with multi-colored clothing, as well.

All-black outfits for people in creative professions, including publishing and advertising, may work on deadline weeks or days, when calm attentiveness is required. Red or green are great for brainstorming sessions, as they promote new ideas.
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