Important Notice! Feng Shui Secrets eBook Is Now Live!

A short time ago, I alluded to an exciting announcement that could positively impact the lives of thousands and thousands of readers of this blog.

That time has come, and I'm excited to announce the release of my first eBook, " Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How To Be Successful With Feng Shui."

We (myself and my support staff, including copy editors, proofreaders and designers) worked very hard for more than six months to bring you this comprehensive, yet easy-to-read Feng Shui guidebook.

I like to think of it as a Feng Shui consultation in PDF format. It will give you practical tips you can apply today to make positive changes in your life -- guaranteed.

More Than Just “Cures”

This isn’t just rearranging furniture, painting walls or hanging wind chimes in your door. It's about using intention, intuition and Feng Shui to make real positive changes in your life -- for the rest of your life.

If you're looking for a quick fix to your problems -- Feng Shui can work very rapidly. In Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui, you'll read the story of one couple who was facing foreclosure. They used Feng Shui on their home's entryway and, within days, found the money they needed to keep their home.

The Most Powerful Testimonial

You'll hear many more inspirational stories in the book, too. You'll even discover the inside story of how Feng Shui helped me to find my true purpose, change my life, and experience happiness and fulfillment like I never before imagined.

Just a Few Feng Shui Secrets You'll Learn

Inside this new eBook, you'll find out:
•    How to apply the Ba Gua to your home, apartment or any room to improve your fortune and empower specific areas of your life
•    How to set your goals and then adjust your living space to help you achieve them.
•    The common mistake people make in their master bedroom that keeps them from the closeness and intimacy they desire
•    The simple Feng Shui remedies that will increase your income immediately
•    How to use Feng Shui in every area of your home or apartment to achieve all the peace, happiness and success you want in life!

I'd like to share with you a lot more of what it takes to Feng Shui a space - so I've set it up so you can get a no-risk trial copy of my eBook, “Feng Shui Secrets”. You'll learn EXACTLY what it takes to set up your space so success happens fast… and so you're never without these ancient secrets again.

Want to learn more?
If you're ready to believe in the power you have inside you to create the life of your dreams -- and want to see how Feng Shui can help -- the answers are right here. Don't miss out on this special introductory offer with FREE GIFTS included with your purchase.

For more info, go here: Feng Shui Secrets 7 Day Risk-FREE Trial
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Using Feng Shui and Intention to Achieve Your Greatest Goal

Many people perceive Feng Shui as just another way to decorate a home, placing water fountains in corners and hanging wind chimes in the entryway.

Certainly, we can use a variety of objects to activate, balance or redirect the chi in a specific area to achieve specific goals. But, intention is equally as powerful as the Feng Shui cures that we employ to achieve our desired results — and often even more powerful.

When I perform a Feng Shui consultation or space cleansing in a home, business or apartment, I look at the aspects of Feng Shui we can see, such as the placement of your kitchen, the look and feel of your entryway, and the colors of your master bedroom. But I also assess the chi by gauging the subjective, intangible forces derived from my intuition.

Feng Shui is as much about how a space makes us feel as how it looks or how well the chi flows through it. In many cases, these intuitive insights lead us to cures and solutions that can create astounding success we may not have experienced otherwise.

Because Feng Shui is rooted so deeply in the Intention you place behind the cures, a Feng Shui consultation is only the first step. I finish every Feng Shui consultation with an action plan for the client that offers easy suggestions they can use right away. After a consultation or even after employing Feng Shui cures on your own, it is important to take positive action to realize your goals to live a more fulfilled life.

“Intention Can Improve Your Results by 120%”

The world’s foremost Feng Shui Master, Lin Yun Rinpoche, once said, “Intention can improve the results by 120% when you make any positive change in your life.”

In BTB (Black Sect Tantic Buddhism) Feng Shui, we use mundane solutions, transcendental techniques and the power of intention to create change in our lives.  For instance, if you wanted to make more money, you might ask for a raise or find a second job. That would be a mundane solution. 

A transcendental solution could involve adding a water element to activate and energize the wealth corner or career section of your home. But if you combine these actions with a strong, powerful intention — visualizing the feeling of security you’d get from greater income, or how much you’d enjoy driving around in that new car, you can achieve results greater than you would from mundane actions and Feng Shui cures alone.

Have you ever desired something so badly that you simply knew it was yours — and could feel the emotions associated with having it? This is the power of intention at work.

Read more in Om Times Magazine.
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Feng Shui Remedies for Negative Energy

Feng shui, as you know if you've been visiting this website for a while, is about the flow of energy through a space and how it can help you (or hinder you) when it comes to fulfilling your true purpose in life.

Certain types of energy are not conducive to fulfilling life goals. Different energy might make you feel scattered, disorganized, depressed, under attack, or simply unhealthy. A large part of what I do during a Feng Shui consultation is to help clients assess the energy in a space, and then we can modify, moderate or balance that energy so it helps people fulfill their dreams and destiny.

As you start implementing Feng Shui tips in your home or apartment, you'll want to consider the flow of energy in different areas, specifically in those trigrams of the ba gua that correspond with areas of your life that need help.

Also remember to evaluate the energy in the three most important areas of your home or apartment:

- the main entrance
- the master bedroom
- the stove

Feng Shui Tips to Evaluate the Energy

Ask yourself these questions:

- How do you feel when you enter a room? Like a whirlwind, scattered and excited but disorganized or at peace? Once you're attuned to it, you can feel the rush that comes from fast moving chi. This type of chi tends to carry out opportunities, wealth and good fortune before a home's inhabitants have a chance to take advantage of it.

- Do you feel depressed or heavy, as if you can barely move? This type of stagnant chi can contribute to a home's inhabitants feeling “stuck” in their lives -- a common challenge amongst many clients who call me for a Feng Shui consultation.

- Do you feel healthy and full of life? This indicates healthy, flourishing chi, while negative chi can lead to feelings of illness and exhaustion.

The Feng Shui Basics of Chi

Here are some forms of chi that needs to be altered through a variety of Feng Shui remedies, which we explore in this series of blog posts about Feng Shui remedies.

Sharp energy - Created by corners on furniture or walls, should be tempered with vines, live plants or something soft

Rushing chi - Long hallways and staircases create this chi, which can cause opportunities to rush from your life. Crystals and Feng Shui windchimes can slow this chi.

Oppressive chi - Caused by beams, raise the chi in this space with a symbolically uplifting object, such as firecrackers

Missing energy - Created by missing sections of the Feng Shui ba gua, you can compensate for missing energy with any number of Feng Shui remedies, including light, color, live plants or water elements.

What else can I do to help? What do you need to know? How can I empower your efforts to live your true purpose?
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How To Use Feng Shui to Change Your Bad Luck

Do you feel you have bad luck? Does everything seem to go wrong for you, even as you watch your friends wallow in good fortune? When you drop a piece of toast, does it fall butter side down?

Maybe you believe Feng Shui can cure your bad luck, turn you into a “glass half full” type of person, and bring good fortune your way. And it can. It's all about your perspective.

If you implement Feng Shui cures or place live plants in every corner of your home, not really believing in what these ancient secrets represent, your life may continue as it has been.

Is it right to blame your home for your bad luck? If you earn a job promotion, receive a surprise windfall of cash, or finally complete a project you've been working hard at, would you attribute your success to your home or surroundings? You'd probably want to take some credit for your achievement. Therefore, you can't completely blame your surroundings or Feng Shui for bad luck, either.

But if you believe Feng Shui can help change your bad luck into good -- and are willing to meet it halfway with intention and mundane action -- you will see immediate positive results as you adjust the flow of chi in your environment to match your goals and your life's purpose.
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Feng Shui Your Kitchen For Less With These 3 Simple Tips

Remodeling a kitchen can be one of the priciest projects a homeowner can take on, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. (Kitchen remodeling is also difficult, so most people hire professionals.)

But you can Feng Shui your kitchen for greater success without ripping out cabinets or buying all new appliances. This article at talks about three quick and inexpensive ways to update your kitchen yourself. What steps can you take to Feng Shui your kitchen?

1. Feng Shui your stove. The stove is one of the three most important areas in your home and reflects the way you make money and how others view you professionally. Keep your stove clean and use all four burners regularly.

The best location for a stove is in the command position of the kitchen, overlooking the rest of the room. If it's not? Expensive changes aren't necessary; place mirrors around the stove (or a mirror backsplash) to create the sense that the cook can see everything around him.

2. Feng Shui your kitchen table. The best shape for a kitchen table is round, with no sharp edges to protect sha chi (killing chi) onto guests. Liven up your kitchen table with living chi, such as fresh cut flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit. And keep it clear of clutter, such as unopened mail, unpaid bills, and kid's homework, in order to encourage people to gather and eat there.

3. Use colors. The color you paint your kitchen may depend on your goals. Blue will encourage you to eat less and is recommended for weight loss. To create a place where people linger and feast, green is a good color. To encourage social interaction and discussion -- enhancing the kitchen's place as the social hub of the home -- yellow is a good color. Avoid red, except as an accent color, as this brings too much fire chi into the space and could lead to hot tempers or literal fires.

Before you take any steps, determine your goals for your kitchen. Are you a gourmet chef who makes every meal a masterpiece? Do you want a place where family, friends and neighbors gather? Is the kitchen the heart of your home?

Once you've determined the key purpose of the room and how it fits into your house and life, you can use color, decorative accents and Feng Shui cures to help the room achieve its purpose. What inexpensive changes can you make to your kitchen to make it more comfortable?
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