Feng Shui Bathroom Location: What It Means

Is your bathroom located in your wealth area?

Or is it located in your knowledge area, career area or relationship area?

What if your bathroom is located above your front door or over your kitchen?

Does it mean that your money, relationship and career are being flushed down the drain?

Understand this, there can be a lot of FEAR associated with the location of your bathroom in Feng Shui.

So today I’m tackling the question of, “ What does the position of my bathroom mean?” head-on.

And you might be surprised by the answer…

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"Operate from a place of personal power rather than from a place of personal fear to reach your Ultimate Potential" - @KenLauher

To help you better understand the layout of your home and where your bathroom is located as it relates to Feng Shui, read “ How To Use The Feng Shui Ba Gua To Analyze Your Space.

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Where is the location of your bathroom? Does what you have in your bathroom provide you with a sense of peace and a feeling of rejuvenation?

What things have you done in your bathroom to make it a spa-like oasis?
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