Feng Shui Bathroom Location: What It Means

Is your bathroom located in your wealth area?

Or is it located in your knowledge area, career area or relationship area?

What if your bathroom is located above your front door or over your kitchen?

Does it mean that your money, relationship and career are being flushed down the drain?

Understand this, there can be a lot of FEAR associated with the location of your bathroom in Feng Shui.

So today I’m tackling the question of, “ What does the position of my bathroom mean?” head-on.

And you might be surprised by the answer…

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"Operate from a place of personal power rather than from a place of personal fear to reach your Ultimate Potential" - @KenLauher

To help you better understand the layout of your home and where your bathroom is located as it relates to Feng Shui, read “ How To Use The Feng Shui Ba Gua To Analyze Your Space.

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Where is the location of your bathroom? Does what you have in your bathroom provide you with a sense of peace and a feeling of rejuvenation?

What things have you done in your bathroom to make it a spa-like oasis?
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Feng Shui Bathroom Tips to Create an Amazing Spa-Like Experience

Did you ever wish that you could be that person that jumps out of bed in the morning not because you have to but because you want to?

One of the first things we experience when we get out of bed in the morning is the bathroom and one of the last places we visit before going to bed is the bathroom. The bathroom is a critical component to how you may experience the world, greet the world and say good night to the world.

If your bathroom or the experience of your bathroom is not helping you to feel refreshed, supported and nurtured then you're going to love today's episode of Ken Lauher TV.

That's because I'm giving you five simple, easy and make you feel good tips to Feng Shui your bathroom. Click play to learn a combination of techniques and mindset shifts that will help you awaken with a sense of joy and purpose and how you can set the stage for a great day ahead or a peaceful night's sleep.

Time to take action: In the comments below, please share your own tips on  how you create a spa-like experience in your bathroom or let me know which strategy from this video is going to help you most.

I'm really excited to hear your feedback here and, as always, thank you in advance for contributing your fabulousness to the conversation.
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Feng Shui Your Bathroom With These 3 Low Cost Tips

Self-nurturing is important if you are to look and feel your best in order to have the most energy to go after your goals. Your bathroom is the ideal place for self-nurturing.

If your bathroom currently doesn’t have that feel, you can make some very simple, low cost changes to transform it into a place of renewal.

1. Change the Bathroom Colors – Paint is a very inexpensive way to enhance a space. Since color is very crucial to good Feng Shui, consider what colors are best for your bath.  Those colors are green, yellow, blue, silver sage, lavender, and yellow. Because the bathroom already has an enormous amount of water energy, using colors that incorporate the “wood” element, such as lighter shades of blues and greens, balance the water element.

2. Add Scent – We equate the use of scent in bathrooms with a “spa-like” atmosphere. Scents are very evocative and encourage a positive, but also very relaxing flow of chi into the space. Small pots of fresh herbs, such as lavender, rosemary or sage, add calming scents to the space, while also offsetting the water element in the room. Herbs are very inexpensive plants that have strong healing powers in addition to wonderful fragrance.

3. Organize  – Organizing the items in your bathroom provides two positive Feng Shui opportunities. You are removing clutter and you are bringing in elements that balance the space. Using natural baskets to corral unsightly items balances the water element and is a nice decorative touch.

Find out more low-cost ways to Feng Shui your bathroom for greater success and relaxation in, Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui. Click here for your risk free trial!
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Feng Shui Aroma: 7 Natural Scents To Feng Shui Your Surroundings

I often recommend infusing your home with natural scents in order to engage the senses. While fresh, welcoming scents in any form can create the ambiance you want to achieve, it's best to use natural variations.

Here are some natural, scented products that can introduce positive chi into your home or apartment and may also have powerful aromatherapy properties to make you feel calmer, happier, have more energy or even increase your sex drive.

1. Use live flowers like lavender or roses in vases. Remember to replace flowers as soon as they begin to die.

2. Use live herbs like mint to create a subtle but natural scent and a great, natural look in any space!

3. Consider real incense, often imported from Tibet. This also has powerful aromatherapy properties. You'll notice the difference.

4. Use soy or beeswax candles infused with natural scents. Do not display candles in the bathroom or kitchen, as this adds too much fire element to the space. It's okay to burn candles in these areas for short times, but keep them tucked away when not in use.

5. Essential oils create powerful scents. A little bit goes a long way.

6. Evergreen plants give off a great, homey scent in your foyer or living room.

7. Bake! An apple pie, oatmeal cookies... by using your oven, you're activating positive chi for fame and recognition, but you're also filling your home with great aromas that will welcome guests and make them smile.

Looking for more inexpensive, all-natural Feng Shui remedies? Click here for your risk free trial of Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful.
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Feng Shui Aromatherapy: How To Feng Shui Your Home with Uplifting Scents

The sense of smell is a powerful thing; it inspires specific emotions, motivates us, or anchors us into past, hopefully pleasant, memories. The scent of our favorite childhood foods, salt air at the beach ... any of these may be a powerful trigger that takes us back to the emotions we felt at the time: comfort, freedom, happiness.

Feng Shui and Our Senses

Feng Shui is not just about how a space looks and feels; scents, textures, and sounds set a specific mood, too. Use the power of scents as a component of Feng Shui in your entryway. Greet guests with the scent of oranges, mint, or home-cooked foods.

Scents in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are two logical places for welcoming scents. Steer clear of scented candles in the kitchen or anything to mask natural cooking odors, which are pleasant and welcoming. Cook frequently, as it activates your stove -- one of the three most important areas in Feng Shui -- and fills your home with pleasant scents.

In the bathroom, lavender, rosemary and other herbs offer a grounding smell that can help you and your guests relax.

Scents in Unusual Spaces

You can use scents to raise the chi in any space. Consider placing a bowl of oranges (also considered good luck in Feng Shui) on the dining room table, or place a small potted evergreen in your hallway.

Natural Scents

Use scents from fresh and natural sources. I often recommend real incense (not the artificially scented sticks you'll find in malls or mass market stores), live herbs, or fruit to fill a home with scents and avoid toxic artificial scents from room deodorizers.

I'd like to share a lot more tips to make your home more welcoming and stay healthy with Feng Shui - so I've set up a risk-free trial copy of my eBook "Feng Shui Secrets." You'll learn EXACTLY what it takes to Feng Shui your home so your goals happen fast... and so you're never just "struggling with your life" situations again.

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