Feng Shui For Love: How To Attract The Kind Of Men That Are Perfect For You

Question: Are you satisfied with your relationship status or your love life? I really hope the answer is yes, but the sad reality is...

Nearly all of us at one time or another feel like we're not attracting the right kind of people into our life that we want to have a long term relationship with.

So whether you’re just out of a relationship and ready to attract true love and romance or if you haven't had a date in months (or even years) and you’re ready to bring passionate love into your life. Or maybe you've had an endless string of dates but have still not met the one person who is perfect for you. I believe this can help.

In today's episode of Ken Lauher TV, we're tackling a relationship block that holds many women back from attracting true love.

If you ever feel conflicted about your relationship or lack thereof, and feel like there is something constantly happening that either attracts the wrong kind of men or if the relationship always feels like a workout, watch this video now.

You may have some conflict represented in your relationship corner that could be impacting your ability to attract the type of men that are actually perfect for you.

You'll also get to see what you can do about it and how you can turn your relationship and love life around.

Now I'd love to hear from you.

Are you currently in a relationship that you would like to improve or are you looking to attract the right kind of men that are actually perfect for you?

Did you take a look in your relationship areas to see what items were located there?

Let me know the specific insight that you learned from this and what action you are going to take.

Remember to be clear and specific in your comments as it can make a huge difference for others.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching!

P.S. If you want to learn even more Feng Shui training, head over to the  home page for my free three part video series.
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Layer the Feng Shui Ba Gua to Attract Wealth

There's a powerful Feng Shui secret that can be used to get fast, powerful results in any area of life, to help you attract whatever you decide; it's called layering.

About the Feng Shui Ba Gua

The Feng Shui Ba Gua is made up of nine trigrams that correspond to nine significant areas of our life, including wealth. Since so many people contact me asking how they can use Feng Shui to increase their income, let's look at this powerful Feng Shui technique in regard to making money.

Finding the Wealth Trigram of the Ba Gua

The wealth trigram of the Ba Gua is located in the back left corner of your home when you stand at the main entrance and look in. But there are also several other wealth trigrams:
- the back left corner of your yard, front and back
- the back left corner of other levels of your home, including upper floors and basements
- the back left corner of every room in your house

You can use a water element, a Feng Shui money jar or a money tree to activate the chi in the wealth trigram. But you can also do this in other rooms of your home. For instance, if you have a home office that you use to run a microbusiness, you can activate the wealth trigram in this room. You may even consider laying the Feng Shui ba gua map over your desk and adding a small fountain to the wealth trigram on your desk.

You can also activate the chi in the wealth corner in your living room, dining room, kitchen or any other space in your home or apartment where you spend a lot of time.

Just make sure the object you choose to remind you of your intention to attract wealth makes sense in the space. For instance, a fountain would add unwanted clutter to kitchen countertops, but a bowl of fresh fruit may be perfect there!

When you use your intuition, focus your intention, and use Feng Shui to help achieve your goals, you'll be amazed at the outcome!

Need a helping hand or not sure how to get started? An in-home Feng Shui consultation may help. Contact me today to learn more.

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Feng Shui Tips To Boost Your Career with a Water Fountain

If you frequently read my Feng Shui tips, you know that each area of the Feng Shui ba gua corresponds to one of the five Feng Shui elements: wood, water, fire, earth and metal.

The career trigram of the ba gua is located in the center front of a home or apartment, and is represented by the element of water. The color black is, likewise, associated with water. Placing a water element, such as a water fountain or even a picture of flowing (not stagnant) water, in this area of your home or office can help activate the chi in that area and lead to greater career success.

Adding a water element helps in a number of ways.

1. Flowing water is typically associated with the flow of wealth, and most people strive for career success in order to increase their income.

2. Since the career trigram of the Ba gua is associated with the element of water, you can direct the flow of chi to that area of your home -- and your life -- by placing a water element in the area.

3. A water element in the career trigram of the ba gua, when placed with the intention of enhancing your career, reminds you of where you want to place your focus in life. It's a rule of the Universe that we'll attract what we focus on, so that fountain in the career trigram will help a home's inhabitants place a focus on their career for advancement, recognition, and greater income.

Applying a Water Element

If your home's entrance is in the career trigram -- which is common in many homes -- consider placing a fountain on a small table in the foyer. Make sure it is not directly in front of the door, where it will block the flow of chi, or behind the door, where it will prevent the door from opening.

In a smaller entryway, hang a painting or landscope photo on the wall. Consider something in light colors, with lots of depth to visually open the space.

You can also use the ideas in the career trigram of your home office or away from home on your desk, in your cubicle, or in your office.

My new eBook Feng Shui Secrets, shares even more tips on how to enhance your career and make more money. You can pick it up with absolutely no risk, start applying the tips right away and begin to see profound, inspiring changes in your life nearly immediately.

Click here for your risk-free trial of Feng Shui Secrets.

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Feng Shui Anchor Items to Attract Romance

In Feng Shui, an anchor item is an object placed in a specific trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua that helps remind you of your goals and the actions you can take to achieve those goals.

If you don't pay close attention to what you keep in specific trigrams of the Ba Gua when you lay the map over your home, you may find yourself sabotaging your efforts to meet the love of your life. If you have inappropriate items, including workout gear, electronics, or clutter in the romance trigram, consider replacing them with one of these Feng Shui anchor items.

A yu - A yu is a small Chinese inkpot filled with stones. While this item isn't heavy because it's rather small, it has a high mass and is considered a “symbolically heavy” object. If you find lovers coming in and out of your life quickly, and your goal is a stable relationship and perhaps even marriage, place a yu in the romance trigram of your master bedroom (ideally under the bed).

A photo of lovers - Photos of single people tell a sad story when placed in the romance trigram of your home. If your parents had a happy marriage, consider placing their wedding photo in the romance trigram of your living room to help you attract a similar relationship into your life.

Red candles - If your love relationships have lacked passion, consider placing red candles to activate the fire element, in the romance trigram. Always use objects in pairs -- so, two red candles -- when you are using Feng Shui to attract romance.

Learn more about anchoring objects and how you can use them to align your outer space with your goals to find romance in my new eBook.

Click here to download your risk-free trial of Feng Shui Secrets. 
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Feng Shui Your Relationship Corner To Attract Your Soulmate

The items that we place in certain areas of our home, sometimes without realizing exactly what we are doing, tend to reflect our views on specific areas of life.

According to the Feng Shui Ba Gua, the romance trigram is the back right corner of your home when you are standing at your front door looking in. If you are looking to find romance, what you keep in this corner could speak volumes about your attitudes on romance and exactly what is blocking you from finding the love of your life.

Let's look at three common examples and what they could mean.

Workout gear - If you have a home gym, or simply stow an exercise bicycle, treadmill or other type of workout equipment in your romance trigram, you may have the belief that  a romantic relationship has to be hard work.

Books - If you keep a home library or bookshelf in your romance trigram, take a look at the titles. It could mean that you need to take a more playful view of love relationships. Remember, romance should be fun. On the other hand, if you have a bookshelf stocked with steamy romances, you're getting closer. But make sure you're not idealizing a relationship so that no real person stacks up to the heroes or heroines in your favorite books.

Computer equipment - Computer equipment emits yang chi, or very active energy. You may find your life filled with whirlwind romances but no stability. If you use your computer frequently for work or even just to pay bills, you may be approaching romance as if it's hard work or taking your pursuit of love too seriously.

Remember, your home may have three or more romance trigrams, including the romance trigram on the main level, on other levels (including upper floors and the basement) and in each room. Pay close attention to the romance trigram on the main level as well as the one in the master bedroom.

Take a look in your romance corner and see what the items there might say about your attitudes toward romance. Can you draw parallels between the chi in your romance trigram and what's going on in your life right now or what could be blocking you from finding a mate?
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Feng Shui Home Building: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Most undesirable aspects of homes or apartments can be corrected with one of the many Feng Shui remedies.

 It's a matter of determining your focus and selecting a remedy that feels right to you and fits your home and life.

But there are a few aspects of a home that it's difficult to change without major renovations.

Building a house gives you the opportunity, from the start, to create a home that encourages the flow of chi and can help you achieve your goals.

When you're working with an architect or choosing stock home layouts, avoid these Feng Shui “Don'ts.”

1. Don't build a bathroom in the home's central palace. When you lay the Ba Gua over a home's floor plan, the center trigram, representing your health and well-being, is the central palace. To avoid health and financial issues, avoid placing a bathroom in this location.

2. Don't create a kitchen layout where you can see the stove from the front door. According to Feng Shui principles, this can introduce misfortune into the lives of the home's inhabitants.

3.  Don't have a wall facing the front door when you first enter your home. Consider a spacious, open entrance.

4. Don't have doors on slants at 45 degree angles -- especially a door to the master bedroom. In fact, avoid slanted walls completely in new home construction.

5. Don't place the master bedroom in the front half of the home.  
Buying a Used Home or Apartment?

Of course, if you're shopping for a home or apartment, you should avoid these characteristics and layout “don'ts,” as well. But so many other factors come into play when you're not working with the “blank slate” of new home construction, that you must weigh the negative Feng Shui characteristics with the overall chi of the property and the neighborhood, the price of the home, and many other factors.

If you're buying or building a house, I can help with new home layouts or home selection. Contact me today so we can get started right away -- before the architect begins drawing up the plans or to help assist during the process.
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Important Notice! Feng Shui Secrets eBook Is Now Live!

A short time ago, I alluded to an exciting announcement that could positively impact the lives of thousands and thousands of readers of this blog.

That time has come, and I'm excited to announce the release of my first eBook, " Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How To Be Successful With Feng Shui."

We (myself and my support staff, including copy editors, proofreaders and designers) worked very hard for more than six months to bring you this comprehensive, yet easy-to-read Feng Shui guidebook.

I like to think of it as a Feng Shui consultation in PDF format. It will give you practical tips you can apply today to make positive changes in your life -- guaranteed.

More Than Just “Cures”

This isn’t just rearranging furniture, painting walls or hanging wind chimes in your door. It's about using intention, intuition and Feng Shui to make real positive changes in your life -- for the rest of your life.

If you're looking for a quick fix to your problems -- Feng Shui can work very rapidly. In Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui, you'll read the story of one couple who was facing foreclosure. They used Feng Shui on their home's entryway and, within days, found the money they needed to keep their home.

The Most Powerful Testimonial

You'll hear many more inspirational stories in the book, too. You'll even discover the inside story of how Feng Shui helped me to find my true purpose, change my life, and experience happiness and fulfillment like I never before imagined.

Just a Few Feng Shui Secrets You'll Learn

Inside this new eBook, you'll find out:
•    How to apply the Ba Gua to your home, apartment or any room to improve your fortune and empower specific areas of your life
•    How to set your goals and then adjust your living space to help you achieve them.
•    The common mistake people make in their master bedroom that keeps them from the closeness and intimacy they desire
•    The simple Feng Shui remedies that will increase your income immediately
•    How to use Feng Shui in every area of your home or apartment to achieve all the peace, happiness and success you want in life!

I'd like to share with you a lot more of what it takes to Feng Shui a space - so I've set it up so you can get a no-risk trial copy of my eBook, “Feng Shui Secrets”. You'll learn EXACTLY what it takes to set up your space so success happens fast… and so you're never without these ancient secrets again.

Want to learn more?
If you're ready to believe in the power you have inside you to create the life of your dreams -- and want to see how Feng Shui can help -- the answers are right here. Don't miss out on this special introductory offer with FREE GIFTS included with your purchase.

For more info, go here: Feng Shui Secrets 7 Day Risk-FREE Trial
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How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

Hundreds of studies quote the disheartening statistics: Most people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February. Some studies say at least 50% of people hold out until March with their resolutions, but then give them up just as spring arrives.

Some reasons resolutions fail?

- Not having a clear plan for success
- Aiming too high, such as quitting smoking cold turkey or vowing to change all your bad eating habits at once
- Not having a support system
- The home or work environment doesn't support and encourage success

One Step in the Right Direction is All It Takes

We all know how we feel when we succeed at something. It feels pretty good, doesn't it? When we experience early success with our goals, it makes us want to do more. It gives us encouragement that we really can do it.

More importantly, it gives us a “model” for our success. If we succeeded once, all we have to do is to do that exact same thing, while we're in the exact same frame of mind, in order to succeed again. Then we do it again. And again. Until that new, desirable behavior actually becomes our new habit.

Change Your Surroundings to Change Your State and Your Life

Once we know what success feels like, we can also use Feng Shui to change our surroundings so it supports our new successful state of mind. This can involve “mundane” remedies, such as prohibiting smoking by visitors in our home and cleaning that smoky smell from our linens, clothing and upholstery, or getting rid of all the junk food in our house or apartment.

But you can multiply your results with Feng Shui remedies. Place anchoring objects in your home, in the appropriate Ba Gua trigrams, when possible, to remind you of your early success. Buy yourself a small token gift when you first achieve that early success. Looking at that object will put you back in that positive state of mind, where you can succeed again and again.

Improve the Flow of Chi with Feng Shui

When we're living in an environment that feels relaxing and secure, where the flow of energy is positive, it puts us in a better state to achieve, and to continue achieving, our life goals.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a very exciting project that I hope will help thousands of people improve the flow of chi in their lives, guide them toward setting clear, attainable goals, developing an action plan to achieve those goals, and using Feng Shui to help them along the way.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow that just may hold the answers you're looking for.
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Feng Shui Colors to Activate Specific Areas Of Your Life

Color plays an important role in Feng Shui, but it can be challenging for some people to remember which colors correspond with which elements and, consequently, with the different trigrams of the Ba Gua.

Follow this handy guide when you're using Feng Shui colors to activate the chi in a specific trigram of the Ba Gua in your home or apartment. Remember, each element corresponds to multiple colors and shades, giving you a lot of flexibility to decorate your home in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Fire element: Red, orange, yellow, and muted or pastel shades of the same, including purple, pink and maroon

Earth element: Yellow, beige, sand tones (earthy colors)

Metal element: Gray, white, silver (and actual metallic tones)

Water element: Blue (in any shade), black, dark brown (almost black)

Wood:Green, Brown, and darker beige earth tones

Feng Shui Colors and the Ba Gua

Different trigrams of the Ba Gua also correspond to different elements and, therefore, different colors.

Fame & Recognition: Fire element
Children and creativity: Metal element
Career: Water element
Family: Wood
Center Palace/Health: Earth

Knowing this can help you activate the chi in a specific trigram of the ba gua using the right Feng Shui colors. Remember, you can employ colors in the five-elemental color cycle for even greater fortune.
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Using Feng Shui Ba Gua Layers for Greater Fortune

Do you have a goal you've been focusing on for a long time, but you still feel as if something is blocking you? Do you feel as if your situation is so bad, you really need all the extra help you can get from Feng Shui? “Layering” the Feng Shui Ba Gua in your home or apartment can create the extra power you need to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind, layering should only be used in special circumstances, to avoid stimulating the chi in too many areas of your home. Layer one trigram of the Ba Gua, at most, in a home or apartment.

What is Layering the Feng Shui Ba Gua?

Layering is like setting two alarm clocks in the morning to be sure you wake up for that important meeting. It's like backing up your computer files in multiple locations, or carrying an emergency kit in your car, just in case.

When you lay the Ba Gua over your home, you would first lay it out over your home's main floor. But you can also lay it out over other floors, and over individual rooms and your entire property.

How To Layer the Feng Shui Ba Gua

When you use layering techniques, you would activate the chi in a specific trigram on more than floor, level or area. For instance, a single woman looking for romance may activate the romance trigram when she lays the Ba Gua over her home's main floor, and again in her master bedroom.

If you're looking to increase your wealth, you might place a fountain in the wealth trigram of your backyard when you lay the ba gua over your entire property, and another water element in the wealth trigram of your home, as a whole. You could even go another step, and place a small fountain in the wealth trigram of your home office or on your desk.

It's a good idea to use layering to correct for missing sections of your home, as well as to achieve goals that are very important to you.
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