Feng Shui Fish: How To Determine The Best Fish For Maximum Abundance

The number one reason people start using Feng Shui
is because they want more money and wealth.

And many associate wealth with the water element. As a result, they add fish tanks in their homes to activate specific areas.

A common question then becomes, what is the ultimate Feng Shui fish to have in their aquariums?

This is followed by the questions around the best type, color, and number of fish to have in their fish tank for the best Feng Shui results.  

They ask about what some claim to be the “ultimate Feng Shui fish” such as the flower horn fish or the arowana.

Some want to know if they should have a certain number of goldfish and a certain number of black colored goldfish.

So I’m here to set the record straight on what the best Feng Shui fish is.

And it may surprise you.

I also reveal a common misconception about wealth, Feng Shui and the water element.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have an aquarium or fish tank? What type of fish do you have in it?

Would you ever consider purchasing an aquarium to improve the Feng Shui of your home?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing. I truly appreciate it and you!
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Feng Shui Fish Tank To Improve Your Wealth & Fortune

Many people with only passing knowledge of Feng Shui know this: Fish bring good fortune. But why and how?

There are a few reasons fish are good Feng Shui, and a few ways you can maximize your fortune with the right type and quantity of fish in your tank. Fish tank placement can also affect your luck.

Why is a Fish Tank Good Feng Shui?

A fish tank incorporates all five elements inherent in Feng Shui.

1. The water in the aquarium is, obviously, the water element.

2. Plants (live plants are best, but if you find them too difficult to care for, go for realistic looking fake plants) represent the wood element.

3. The aquarium's construction contains the metal element in its structure or in the glass.

4. The fire element is represented in the aquarium's lights, as well as in the carefully chosen colors of lucky fish, like red, orange, and yellow.

Additionally, the fish and plants in your aquarium represent living chi, which makes your living environment more vibrant and your home or apartment more pleasant. They're easier to care for than other pets, and can be used to activate the chi in a specific area, since they don't move around outside the fish tank.

The Right Number Of Fish In Your Tank

It's most lucky to have 9 fish in your tank, eight of one color and one of another. But you can also select fish that you like for their particular colors and shapes. Keep in mind, saltwater fish will have more vibrant colors, but may be more difficult and expensive to care for. Regular gold fish in various colors are preferred in Feng Shui; they are hearty fish in lucky colors!

Best Places for an Aquarium

An aquarium is most commonly placed in the wealth corner of a home, apartment or business to attract financial success. You can also place an aquarium in the career section of your home or apartment, or in the family trigram of the Ba Gua, for good fortune. An aquarium is best placed where it will enhance, not obstruct, the flow of chi, and be enjoyed by the home's inhabitants.

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