How To Use Feng Shui To Get Your Next Promotion

Have you ever wondered how to get a promotion at work?

Or have you been passed over for a promotion recently?

Or maybe it’s been said that you will get a promotion but that was over a year ago and you still haven’t seen any signs of progress towards your new title or role?

It can be frustrating but I have good news.

Today, I’m tackling the question of, “ How to get your next job promotion using Feng Shui.”

A very IMPORTANT INGREDIENT to get a promotion and make more money is to take a look at your home as it could be the one factor that is holding you back right now!

Especially if you’re getting great feedback on your work and performing above average.


Good! Now watch this entire video and discover how you can get a promotion that leads to a better job title and all the perks that may come along with it.

Check it out now…

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion?

What did you do to get a promotion? Did you change jobs?

Leave a comment below and share your story including the biggest take-away you learned.

Remember, the more detail you can share, the better. This is the best way for our entire community to benefit from everyone’s knowledge.

As always, thank you much for watching, sharing and contributing.
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Salary Increase: How To Get A Pay Raise In Your Current Job Using Feng Shui

Do you want to be making more money?

The #1 reason that people come to me for help with Feng Shui is that they want to make more money, improve their financial stability and break free from the worry & stress of keeping up with and paying their monthly bills.

So there are two ways you could approach this:
1. Earn More
2. Spend Less

I'm dedicating this week's episode to focus on how to earn more without having to get a second job, become a freelancer or become a partner in your kid's summer lemonade stand.

You just need to watch the entire video below to help you have the cash you need and deserve.

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I'm focusing on earning MORE and NOT on spending less :) via @KenLauher

Now I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

What have you done to get a salary increase?

Declare what you are going to SHIFT today or this week so you can get back on track and grow your earning potential?

Leave a comment and let me know. Remember to be as specific as possible as your comment could be the secret to unlocking someone else's true potential.

Thank you as always for watching, reading and sharing!
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Feng Shui Career: Is Your Commute Harming Your Health?

The results of the American Time Use Survey, which looked at the lifestyles of 24,861 people, shows that an hour-long commute every day might actually take years of your life.

Brown University researchers, in the Journal of Urban Health, wrote, "Spending an additional 60 min daily commuting above average is associated with a 6 percent decrease in aggregate health-related activities and spending an additional 120 min is associated with a 12 percent decrease.”

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Do's and Don'ts of Being Happier

If you're reading this blog, I'm going to take the guess that you're looking for tips because there's some part of your life (or maybe many parts!) that you're not happy with. Here are some “do's and don'ts” to be happier, right now.

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Working from Home: 7 Ways to Be More Productive

With no boss over your shoulder, people who telecommute or run their own business often find themselves wasting more time than they would in an office. Then, work hours leach into evening family time, and you find you're always working but accomplishing less.

Follow these tips to be more productive in your work-at-home space. Don't work from home? They'll help in an office environment too!

1. Set working hours. - If you have flex-time working from home -- or no boss because you run your own company -- it still helps to have a set schedule. This signals to your brain that it's time to work, and you'll be able to get down to business faster.

2. Stay off the Web. - If you have to, disable your Internet access or use software to block certain sites (like Facebook) until you're disciplined enough to stay focused. If you must check your eBay bids or that amazing sale at, set a timer for 15 minutes -- no more -- and use your time online as a reward after you finish a task you've been dreading.

3. Check e-mail and voice mail only during scheduled times. - Timothy Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, popularized this concept, and many people have shown it to be a huge productivity booster. Checking email and voice mail at noon and 4 PM works well for many people who work a normal nine-to-five day. If you simply can't begin work without checking your email in the morning, do so. But don't get bogged down in responding to unimportant emails and squander this productive time of day.

4. Separate work and family when possible. - It's not always possible as a manager or a business owner to avoid all work after working hours (just as you can't avoid a doctor's visit in the middle of the business day when your child is sick.) But turn off the smartphone and avoid any thoughts of work for at least a few hours in the evening -- and definitely during dinner time or when you're playing with your kids.

Similarly, avoid letting personal chores or lunch dates get in the way of working hours. You'll have to make up those hours at some point, and it will probably be in the evening when you'd rather be with your family.

5. Take frequent, quick breaks. - People are most productive in stints of just 20 to 35 minutes. Don't be afraid to get up from your desk, re-focus your eyes to a more distant object, and take a quick break every 20 minutes or so. Just stay off the Internet, where that minute can turn into an hour.

On the other hand, if you're in the zone and work is flowing well, there's no need to break stride so frequently. But after 45 minutes or an hour, stop and take a stretching break. Your body needs it.

6. Seek out human contact. - Workers in an office typically get two 15-minute breaks and at least a half-hour for lunch. Give yourself this time and do what your office-based counterparts do: seek out other people! Meet with another work-at-home friend virtually via Skype or chat at a pre-determined time, take a walk outside, or hit the coffee house for lunch and some company.

7. Feng Shui your office. - A Feng Shui office, where the chi flows properly and your desk is set up for ergonomic comfort, will help you be more productive. This post shows you how to place your desk in the command position and other Feng Shui office tips.
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