How To Use Feng Shui To Get Your Next Promotion

Have you ever wondered how to get a promotion at work?

Or have you been passed over for a promotion recently?

Or maybe it’s been said that you will get a promotion but that was over a year ago and you still haven’t seen any signs of progress towards your new title or role?

It can be frustrating but I have good news.

Today, I’m tackling the question of, “ How to get your next job promotion using Feng Shui.”

A very IMPORTANT INGREDIENT to get a promotion and make more money is to take a look at your home as it could be the one factor that is holding you back right now!

Especially if you’re getting great feedback on your work and performing above average.


Good! Now watch this entire video and discover how you can get a promotion that leads to a better job title and all the perks that may come along with it.

Check it out now…

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion?

What did you do to get a promotion? Did you change jobs?

Leave a comment below and share your story including the biggest take-away you learned.

Remember, the more detail you can share, the better. This is the best way for our entire community to benefit from everyone’s knowledge.

As always, thank you much for watching, sharing and contributing.
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Salary Increase: How To Get A Pay Raise In Your Current Job Using Feng Shui

Do you want to be making more money?

The #1 reason that people come to me for help with Feng Shui is that they want to make more money, improve their financial stability and break free from the worry & stress of keeping up with and paying their monthly bills.

So there are two ways you could approach this:
1. Earn More
2. Spend Less

I'm dedicating this week's episode to focus on how to earn more without having to get a second job, become a freelancer or become a partner in your kid's summer lemonade stand.

You just need to watch the entire video below to help you have the cash you need and deserve.

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I'm focusing on earning MORE and NOT on spending less :) via @KenLauher

Now I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

What have you done to get a salary increase?

Declare what you are going to SHIFT today or this week so you can get back on track and grow your earning potential?

Leave a comment and let me know. Remember to be as specific as possible as your comment could be the secret to unlocking someone else's true potential.

Thank you as always for watching, reading and sharing!
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Feng Shui Career: Is Your Commute Harming Your Health?

The results of the American Time Use Survey, which looked at the lifestyles of 24,861 people, shows that an hour-long commute every day might actually take years of your life.

Brown University researchers, in the Journal of Urban Health, wrote, "Spending an additional 60 min daily commuting above average is associated with a 6 percent decrease in aggregate health-related activities and spending an additional 120 min is associated with a 12 percent decrease.”

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Do's and Don'ts of Being Happier

If you're reading this blog, I'm going to take the guess that you're looking for tips because there's some part of your life (or maybe many parts!) that you're not happy with. Here are some “do's and don'ts” to be happier, right now.

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Working from Home: 7 Ways to Be More Productive

With no boss over your shoulder, people who telecommute or run their own business often find themselves wasting more time than they would in an office. Then, work hours leach into evening family time, and you find you're always working but accomplishing less.

Follow these tips to be more productive in your work-at-home space. Don't work from home? They'll help in an office environment too!

1. Set working hours. - If you have flex-time working from home -- or no boss because you run your own company -- it still helps to have a set schedule. This signals to your brain that it's time to work, and you'll be able to get down to business faster.

2. Stay off the Web. - If you have to, disable your Internet access or use software to block certain sites (like Facebook) until you're disciplined enough to stay focused. If you must check your eBay bids or that amazing sale at, set a timer for 15 minutes -- no more -- and use your time online as a reward after you finish a task you've been dreading.

3. Check e-mail and voice mail only during scheduled times. - Timothy Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, popularized this concept, and many people have shown it to be a huge productivity booster. Checking email and voice mail at noon and 4 PM works well for many people who work a normal nine-to-five day. If you simply can't begin work without checking your email in the morning, do so. But don't get bogged down in responding to unimportant emails and squander this productive time of day.

4. Separate work and family when possible. - It's not always possible as a manager or a business owner to avoid all work after working hours (just as you can't avoid a doctor's visit in the middle of the business day when your child is sick.) But turn off the smartphone and avoid any thoughts of work for at least a few hours in the evening -- and definitely during dinner time or when you're playing with your kids.

Similarly, avoid letting personal chores or lunch dates get in the way of working hours. You'll have to make up those hours at some point, and it will probably be in the evening when you'd rather be with your family.

5. Take frequent, quick breaks. - People are most productive in stints of just 20 to 35 minutes. Don't be afraid to get up from your desk, re-focus your eyes to a more distant object, and take a quick break every 20 minutes or so. Just stay off the Internet, where that minute can turn into an hour.

On the other hand, if you're in the zone and work is flowing well, there's no need to break stride so frequently. But after 45 minutes or an hour, stop and take a stretching break. Your body needs it.

6. Seek out human contact. - Workers in an office typically get two 15-minute breaks and at least a half-hour for lunch. Give yourself this time and do what your office-based counterparts do: seek out other people! Meet with another work-at-home friend virtually via Skype or chat at a pre-determined time, take a walk outside, or hit the coffee house for lunch and some company.

7. Feng Shui your office. - A Feng Shui office, where the chi flows properly and your desk is set up for ergonomic comfort, will help you be more productive. This post shows you how to place your desk in the command position and other Feng Shui office tips.
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Switch it Up! Accomplish More in Less Time With this Easy Trick

Does your environment inspire you? Or does it leave you feeling distracted? Whether you work at home or in an office, there are days where you can't get anything done. Co-workers drop by your desk. You feel the urge to check your email or Facebook every 30 seconds.

If you're at home, maybe you hear the call of the refrigerator -- or the couch. Some days, it seems to be that there's always something blocking us from accomplishing our goals.

Sometimes, it's external factors that cause interruptions, but, even more frequently, it's ourselves. We aren't living in the moment and staying focused on achieving our goals. We're letting our mind -- and sometimes our body -- wander to other places. Rather than trying to fight it, this might be your secret weapon in the fight to be more productive. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

When I'm telling you, right now, to change your environment, I don't mean to re-align your living space so it fits your goals, as we'd work on in a Feng Shui consultation. I mean, quite literally, go someplace else to complete your work.

If you work in an office, ask your boss for a work-at-home day, or go to the local coffeehouse for a day of work if you can. If you work from home, the sky's the limit -- and you don't need permission. (This can work, too, if you're not actually working, but just completing tasks like correspondence, bills, or a particular hobby that you usually love but can't stay focused on.)

When we switch our surroundings, we're finding a different energy -- hopefully, an energy that helps us stay more focused. Maybe it's something in your space that's blocking you from focusing on your goals, and a new space helps. Or maybe you just need a change.

When we switch our routine (and working in the same place every day is a routine) we are bringing our mind back to the present moment. When we are truly living in the present, it's easy to focus on whatever we're doing.

So, just step out and get more done.  
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7 Ways to Make Money Pursuing Your Life's Purpose

Many years ago, I discovered my passion was Feng Shui. I began offering consultations, and then started this blog to share my knowledge with a broader base. I began creating eBooks and other information products, all to help people find their true path. That's the amazing thing about living in the moment and finding your true life purpose. You become immediately and intensely inspired to help other people do the same thing. You want to share it with the world.

We've all heard the phrase “ Do what you love and the money will follow.” We know that finding your passion is the way to profits, as a business  owner or an employee. But what if you've discovered your true passion, that one thing you'd do for free even if no one paid you -- and now you're not sure how to make money at it?

Here are a few ideas.

1. Find a job or start a business in the field. Love video games? You might consider becoming a designer or a tester. (Now that's the life for some people!) Love color and interior design? Either start your own business as an interior designer or work for a firm that provides that service. It's a very clear path from what you love to how you can make money.

But what if your passion is a particular sport? The chances of becoming a professional athlete as an adult, when you haven't spent your life working toward that goal, gone to college for your sport of choice, and been drafted by a pro team, are very slim. But you can pursue your passion in other ways.

2. Teach it. - If you can't be a professional athlete, you might decide to be a coach and mentor the next Tim Tebow. Or maybe you love guitar so you become a private teacher. The expression, “Those who can't do, teach,” isn't quite true. You need the skills to be able to teach it well. But someone with the gift to teach find a wonderful, rewarding career or business.

3. Write about it. - In the age of the Internet and self-publishing, it's easier than ever to write about your passion and garner thousands of readers very quickly. Whatever your passion, you can start a blog, write a book, and make money from your efforts.

4. Talk about it. - This is different from teaching; I'm talking about public speaking to large crowds at industry events, seminars, and even your local bookstore. Whatever your passion, everyone has a story to tell. Why not parlay your story into a successful career as a public speaker?

5. Sell products related to your passion. - Someone passionate about a sport may open a retail store or an ecommerce site selling the tools of the trade. Whatever you're passionate about, there are products related to it. And if there aren't? Why not invent some, and then sell them, while getting others to sell them, as well.

6. Make a difference with it. - Whether you think locally or, through the Internet, globally, you can create a strong community around your passion. Think of this not so much as nurturing your prospects, but as sharing your passion with others, and the money will come.

7. Do it all. - Many successful entrepreneurs today have successful blogs and info-products, teach classes at local colleges, offer their services as a public speaker, and provide consulting services. In addition, their website may have an ecommerce component where they sell products related to their passion, and most entrepreneurs devote time to helping those less fortunate, mentoring others, or nurturing a community around their passion. (Or all three.)

Writer Les Brown said, “Aim for the moon -- if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars!" It's especially true when you're thinking of business ideas that will permit you to follow your passion and share your life purpose with the world.
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Feng Shui For Fame, Recognition & Reputation

Do you feel as if you work hard and never earn any recognition for it? Do you love being in the limelight and wish you could get more attention in various areas of your life? You can benefit by directing chi to the Fame and Recognition trigram of the ba gua in your home or apartment.

The fame and recognition trigram of the ba gua is located directly in the center of a home or apartment against the back wall. By directing chi to this area, you will be able to see and capitalize on opportunities to shine in your life, creating fame and recognition for yourself and other residents of your home.

One of the best ways to activate chi is by using an item that represents the element corresponding to that trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua. Since the element of Fire corresponds with the Fame and Recognition trigram, there are a number of objects you can use to increase your opportunities for fame and recognition.

1. Candles - Candles represent the fire element and create a pleasing, relaxing light that can make you feel good and increase your confidence so you are in a better position to accept the attention you want to receive. Use red candles to gain more attention from the opposite sex, or black candles to increase career recognition. Consider using scented candles to enhance the mood of your home.

2. Feng Shui firecrackers - Red Feng Shui firecrackers are symbols of good fortune. Business owners often hang them to encourage business success. Feng Shui firecrackers will provide a reminder that you are on fire, unstoppable, and able to achieve anything you want.

3. A fireplace - If you have a fireplace in the Fame and Recognition trigram of your home, this is very fortunate. Make a conscious effort to use the fireplace or, if you don't want the hassle of a fire, place candles in a decorative configuration in the fireplace and burn the candles.
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Feng Shui Tips To Boost Your Career with a Water Fountain

If you frequently read my Feng Shui tips, you know that each area of the Feng Shui ba gua corresponds to one of the five Feng Shui elements: wood, water, fire, earth and metal.

The career trigram of the ba gua is located in the center front of a home or apartment, and is represented by the element of water. The color black is, likewise, associated with water. Placing a water element, such as a water fountain or even a picture of flowing (not stagnant) water, in this area of your home or office can help activate the chi in that area and lead to greater career success.

Adding a water element helps in a number of ways.

1. Flowing water is typically associated with the flow of wealth, and most people strive for career success in order to increase their income.

2. Since the career trigram of the Ba gua is associated with the element of water, you can direct the flow of chi to that area of your home -- and your life -- by placing a water element in the area.

3. A water element in the career trigram of the ba gua, when placed with the intention of enhancing your career, reminds you of where you want to place your focus in life. It's a rule of the Universe that we'll attract what we focus on, so that fountain in the career trigram will help a home's inhabitants place a focus on their career for advancement, recognition, and greater income.

Applying a Water Element

If your home's entrance is in the career trigram -- which is common in many homes -- consider placing a fountain on a small table in the foyer. Make sure it is not directly in front of the door, where it will block the flow of chi, or behind the door, where it will prevent the door from opening.

In a smaller entryway, hang a painting or landscope photo on the wall. Consider something in light colors, with lots of depth to visually open the space.

You can also use the ideas in the career trigram of your home office or away from home on your desk, in your cubicle, or in your office.

My new eBook Feng Shui Secrets, shares even more tips on how to enhance your career and make more money. You can pick it up with absolutely no risk, start applying the tips right away and begin to see profound, inspiring changes in your life nearly immediately.

Click here for your risk-free trial of Feng Shui Secrets.

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Feng Shui Your Thoughts To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever wanted to do something but been afraid to take the first step? Maybe you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something you've never done before, whether it's skydiving or just going to the movies alone.

You can't explain -- or even identify -- what's stopping you, but you believe it may be something from deep in your childhood.

People let their limiting beliefs stop them from doing things, big and small. From applying for a new job, learning a new computer program, or asking your dream girl or guy out on a date, faulty information you've collected from your past can block you from living the life you really want.

What Is a Limiting Belief?

Limiting beliefs is a term to describe beliefs, or opinions, that limit our own potential. We don't attempt to do something because we believe we can't. Some examples of limiting beliefs are:
“I'm just not very good at [math, science, writing, reading a map...]
“Only losers go the movies or eat dinner alone...”
“If I climb up some place high, I'll fall and break my neck....”

Many times, our limiting beliefs come from our parents or other caregivers who mean well. Sometimes, they pass their own limiting beliefs on to us. It's understandable -- and forgivable -- but the time comes when we need to accept that we are not children anymore. We can make our own decisions. And we don't need to let anything hold us back.

Focus on Defeating Limiting Beliefs

When we focus on overcoming our limiting beliefs by doing the very thing we fear, we realize it wasn't that bad in the first place. We didn't break our neck, no one judged us, and our computer didn't crash, either. Each time you take a step to overcome one of your limiting beliefs, it becomes easier and easier.

Using Feng Shui to Align our Space with Our Goals

When we intentionally create our surroundings to reflect who we want to be -- a person with no limiting beliefs -- we notice more opportunities to break those patterns that don't serve us anymore.
Using Feng Shui in your home or apartment can increase your energy so you can find the power to smash through your perceived limits and achieve anything you desire. 
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