Feng Shui Office Tips To Jump Start Your Career Or Business and Make More Money

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Feng Shui Office Tips To Jump Start Your Career Or Business and Make More Money

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The Feng Shui of your office can be one of the determining factors if you're successful, have a good reputation, are very productive and your salary or bonuses reflect it.

Many people don't take the time to really evaluate their office space before moving in to understand the strategy behind their layout, the position of their desk and how they experience the energy of the space.

An office that has good Feng Shui is one that others notice right away when they walk in regardless of the state of mind they were in when they came to you.

An office should feel warm, welcoming and productive. When this occurs, you feel confident and those you interact with experience it too. It creates a place of inner balance where you're able to operate at your peak performance level while still having fun and enjoying the process.

A prime example of this is what one of my client's experienced. There was a senior level executive office that many before were let go of and were not successful. It was an office that no one wanted due to that one simple fact and track record. My client received notice that they were to move into that office.

We evaluated the layout and realized the desk position could be corrected from where it was (being directly in line with the door) and we made some other adjustments to the space. Now, their career is flourishing, their compensation is on the rise and they feel confident in their office, which results in higher productivity levels and better output.

Today, I want to take you inside my mind and show you five specific ways you can Feng Shui your office to advance your career and make more money.

In the comments below, tell me exactly which tip will help you and why.

Are you in a command position in your office or do you sit directly in line with the door? What does your desktop look like? Do you feel inspired and invigorated when you walk into your office or do you feel drained and just want to try and survive the day?

I appreciate your shares and feedback in advance. Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and contributing to our amazing community.

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Dear Ken, 
My husband's table in their office is in line with the front door, i asked him to move it but he said he cant 'cause his boss wants his table there for security purpose. He is the sheriff in their branch. I want to ask for your help what could be the possible remedy for that kind of position. He is having financial difficulties please help.
Posted @ Thursday, November 08, 2012 11:41 PM by olga
Thanks for the comment. The remedy is to move it. If something is blocking the door, then you remove it, until then, it will still have an impact. Although, you should look at the home as well to make sure nothing is blocking the doorway and that your main entrance can open a full 90 degrees.
Posted @ Monday, November 12, 2012 7:26 AM by Ken Lauher
Dear Ken: I have liked your video, because my buissnes are bad. And you told that we should not have a garbish (basura)garbage basket under the desk. And during 10 years that basket is under my desk. My customers had increased a lot because of your advices about my new black leather wallet. I´m mexican and my English is not very good. God bless you.
Posted @ Friday, December 07, 2012 7:59 PM by María de Jesús
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