5 Feng Shui Tips to Help With Difficult Neighbors

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5 Feng Shui Tips to Help With Difficult Neighbors


bad noisy neighbors feng shui resized 600For those that live in an apartment, condo or even suburban area means sharing close space with people you wouldn't necessarily choose to be around.

Even if you live in a large luxury apartment, you may see your neighbors in the elevator or parking garage every day; if they have negative energy, and that negative energy surrounds them and also affects your home, it's time to take action.

Neighbors can be bothersome because of loud noises (loud pets or children, especially above you; vacuuming at midnight; practicing guitar at 6 AM). They might bother you because they are gossips and you never feel safe or secure in your apartment, worried about what they'll say or do if you reveal, or they discover, your personal business.

Or they might just be garden variety Debbie Downers, who greet every friendly “How are you?” with 20 minutes of all that is wrong in their life, from their cappucino without enough foam to heartache, heartbreak, illness and job loss all around them.

All of these personality types are toxic to be around, and if you're in a Manhattan apartment, real estate is far too valuable to just pick up and move because you don't like the neighbors.

Here are five ways to use Feng Shui to minimize the effects of bad neighbors and keep their negativity from blocking your own success and goals.

1. Hang a mirror - If the neighbor across from you is creating problems, hang a ba gua mirror above your door to dilute the negative energy.

2. Wind chimes - A wind chime with 5 hollow metal tubes, which produces a crisp, clear, pleasing sound, will deflect negative energy if your neighbor lives to the right of your front door (when you are standing at the door looking out.)

3. A lush plant
Place or hang a planter between your door and your neighbor's door if your troublesome neighbor lives to the left of you. Keep in mind that it is not always advisable to put something in direct line of the front door to the street as you want all of the positive energy and opportunities to be able to come to you so be careful on this placement.

4. Share your own happiness.
Simply entering your own apartment or house every day with a broad smile on your face can help raise the energy of your apartment building. If you're permitted, hang a bright colored flag or a set of colorful crystal balls outside your door. You'll raise the positive energy of your hallway and this will help all your neighbors, as well as yourself.

5. Activate the helpful people trigram of your home with the intention of attracting better neighbors.
The above suggestions are Feng Shui fixes which help but are not as effective as solving the problem by not having difficult neighbors in the first place. To attract better neighbors in to your building, activate the Helpful People trigram of your apartment. When you're standing at your apartment door looking in, the helpful people trigram is in the corner immediately at your right hand. You can activate this trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua by placing a live plant in this corner or metal objects. When you activate the helpful people trigram, envision your perfect neighbors, the people you want to share a building with, in as much detail as possible.

Your front door may be located in the Helpful People trigram. If so, make sure your entryway is well lit, pleasing and well-kept.

Would love to hear your stories about how you may have had a difficult neighbor and how you improved the situation and maybe even became friends. Share in the comments below.

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With love and compassion,

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I have extremely bad neighbors to the right of my house. Everyday, they would sit outside on their porch and the second me or anyone in my family walked outside they would start hollering crude things to us. They TRY to intimidate us in every possible way. Then Sunday, they released their pitbull and told him to "get her!" And the dog jumped my backyard fence and attacked my dog. So I put up the wind chimes on my porch, AND hung a bagua mirror above the window facing their house - and so for the past week, we've not heard a peep out of them. Of course it could also be that I called the cops on them for their little stunt with my dog. But I'd rather believe that it was the energy of the chimes and the bagua that did it. Now, if only they'd MOVE, things might become normal again.
Posted @ Saturday, September 22, 2012 9:18 AM by Robin Bednarczyk
I have a horrible neighbor,now about 2 months... Before him,one nice couple lived in a same terraced house over 10 years...and I never heard anything, they said same to me. We are quiet people, even we have kids. But my current neighbor, warms up the sauna in the middle of the night, banging doors, walks with his shoes on on interior stairs, he smokes near or under my balcony...(Walls are a concrete mass, but sometimes it feels they are paper..) I know noise belongs to life, but anyway...
Posted @ Saturday, September 22, 2012 11:51 AM by Anne from Finland
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