Feng Shui Sounds: 3 Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirits

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Feng Shui Sounds: 3 Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirits

feng shui soundsSounds can have a big impact on your mood, your energy and the energy of your space.

If you're feeling down or tired all the time, maybe even experiencing aches and pains when you get out of bed, low or negative energy in your home might be to blame.

A home or apartment that is yin in energy, meaning, quite, slow or stagnet can sap your energy and strength. This can make you tired, unproductive and lack interest in doing the things you used to love to do.

Now may be the time to introduce sounds into your home to get the chi or energy moving, help you get your body moving and help you accomplish your goals.

Here are three ways to raise the energy in your home with Feng Shui sounds.

1. Ring a brass bell throughout your home.
First, stand in the center of your house and ring a brass bell so its tone resonates outward. Then, move around the home, clockwise from the door, and continue ringing the bell. Make sure to hit areas that are typically quiet or dark, as well as areas where children previously congregated that are now empty and quiet during the day. You can also use a Tibetan singing bowl in the same way if you prefer.

2. Use Feng Shui solutions to fill your home with joyful noise.
Hang windchimes near an open window to enjoy the tinkling of wind chimes. Or place a water fountain in the wealth corner of your home or your living room so you can listen to the sound of subtle, flowing water all day.

Here is a simple video of my personal fountain and some music I enjoy playing throughout the day when working from home.

3. Let the music play.
Crank up the tunes on your iPod, or stream Pandora or YouTube to your TV to fill your home with music you love that will raise your energy level. Songs that make you sing and dance can dramatically lift your personal chi or energy and the energy of the space. For those times that you need to focus, you may consider a smooth relaxing tune using Pandora such as Nawang Khechog, or Bali by Midori.

What sounds do you enjoy when lifting your energy or the energy of your space. Would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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With love and compassion,

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My mood or desired mood decides the type of music I use: for focusing on writing or reading something - smoothlounge.com is my favorite. For energizing music with a good drum beat to it so it grounds me. And then there is of course the good old 80-90's pop for vacuuming and dancing around just for fun. Listening to ocean waves makes it easier to relax, chanting of my own to meditate. But, sometimes, the best sound is silence.
Posted @ Friday, October 26, 2012 8:51 PM by Alexandra Telluselle
Got a lot of wind chimes with different tunes hanging on the terrace, and everytime it'll bells up it's a music to me with different voices,,,very relaxing and enhancing... 
Posted @ Wednesday, August 14, 2013 10:07 AM by Jasmin
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