7 Ways to Increase the Spiritual Power of Feng Shui in Your Home

spiritual meditation feng shuiI teach, and practice, that Feng Shui is a combination of intention, intuition and understanding patterns. We can attract the things we want in life by having a positive, spiritual nature that creates positive energy.

So, how do you tap in to your inner spiritual power to see really positive affects from Feng Shui in your home or apartment?

Here are 7 ways to enhance your own spiritual power and see even greater results from Feng Shui.

1. Meditate.
Meditation can help ease pain, calm worry, and provide greater clarity on any subject. Not sure how to meditate or where to start? Check out my Feng Shui meditations to learn this powerful technique.  

2. Set goals and act toward achieving them.
Act each day with positive motivation toward achieving your goals, rather than letting the cards fall where they may.

3. Adopt an abundance mindset.
When we think and act abundantly, rather than worrying that we won't have enough (money, food, even love) we attract more abundance. While being frugal is a worthy accomplishment, if you skimp and save to the point where it is painful or you begin feeling poor, you are blocking more wealth from coming to you.

4. Visualize each day going exactly as you want it to.
Before you get out of bed, imagine every moment of your day with positive intention. You will receive wonderful gifts, encounter people who enhance your life and, most importantly, feel happy.

5. Do a Feng Shui “walk-through” in your home.
Become conscious of the energy in your home and the power of Feng Shui by taking a few minutes each day to walk through your house. Look for opportunities where you can improve the energy, either by picking up clutter, fixing something that is broken, adding a splash of color or improving the flow of chi in some way.

6. Clear your space.
There are many techniques to clear clutter from a space. In addition to clearing clutter from your home before it takes over, clear the mental clutter and energy clutter. Envision all the “thought clutter” that doesn't serve you leaving your mind with a giant whoosh, as if a blast of air has blown it all away.

7. Visualize white light.
White light meditation is a powerful technique that helps you feel loved and powerful. Imagine your entire home and body being filled with a pleasing white light. Feel the energy of the light envelope you, so that you feel safe and powerful at the same time. White light provides protection that will extend to everyone in your home or apartment.

describe the imageFor those that are looking for an empowering and easy way to start a meditation practice or to use a guide to help you with meditation, I recommend my Meditations for Personal Empowerment. Out of all the things I've done, meditation has been one of the most empowering of all.

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