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Feng Shui Tips To Help With Marriage or Relationship Problems

marriage helpFeng Shui tips for marriage or relationship problems.

If you're struggling in your marriage or current relationship, these Feng Shui relationship tips and principles can help your troubled relationship or marriage to deepen your connection and love life. 

In challenging economic times, divorce rates tend to fall. Divorce can be an expensive proposition, and it's true that two can live less expensively than one, which may lead couples to stay together - unhappy.

In stressful times, although divorce rates may go down, that doesn't mean married couples are happier.

If you're struggling in your marriage right now, perhaps due to outside factors such as job loss or credit card debt, or because of personality conflicts or other reasons, some basic Feng Shui principles may be able to help.

The first step is to analyze the relationship trigram of the Ba gua to see what insight it may provide in to the state of your union. The relationship trigram is located in the back right corner of your home, when you are standing at the front door and looking in. (Helpful hint: It's directly opposite the Wealth trigram in the Feng Shui Ba Gua, in the back portion of your home or apartment.)

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If clutter tends to collect in this corner, this could mean you are neglecting your relationship in favor of other things: children, career, or maybe even detrimental habits such as gambling or drinking. It's time to place some focus on your relationship in order to save your marriage.

If this area is in disrepair, or dark and dimly lit, the same holds true. Perhaps you are “in the dark” about how much you both really care for each other, and need to have a conversation to share your feelings.

If the area is filled with books, workout equipment or children's toys, it could mean you view your relationship as hard work, something to take very seriously -- or that you don't take it seriously enough.

Once you've analyzed what your home's Marriage trigram says about your relationship, it's time to take steps to fix the way your marriage is reflected in your home. Follow these three easy steps.

1. Activate the relationship trigram with intention. - First, fix anything that doesn't feel right in this area of your home. Get rid of any objects that don't make you happy. If the space is dark, consider task lighting, candles or a Himalayan salt lamp, depending on what will fit the space. You might also add fresh cut flowers or a live plant to empower the space and set your intention to create a happier marriage.

2. Use happy family photos in the relationship trigram and other areas of your home where you will see them every day. - Consider placing photos of yourself and your spouse, along with your children in the marriage trigram. Make sure they are photos where the whole family is together, smiling and happy. The only exception is if your master bedroom is situated in the Marriage trigram, as it's important to keep photos of people, other than you and your spouse, out of this space.

3. Write a love letter to your spouse - Whether you share this letter or not, writing down all the things you love about your husband and your marriage will remind you why you married him in the first place and will set your heart on the mending cycle. If you share the letter, it can open up an important dialogue about your intention to make your marriage work. If you don't share it, you'll still see powerful results by focusing on attracting more love in to your marriage.

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