Use Feng Shui to Make Guests Feel Comfortable This Thanksgiving

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Use Feng Shui to Make Guests Feel Comfortable This Thanksgiving


feng shui thanksgivingAre you fortunate hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? That can be an occasion wrought with stress -- if you let it. But you can use Feng Shui to relax yourself and help your guests feel more comfortable in order to create a memorable day that everyone will be grateful for. Follow these Feng Shui tips for a gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

1. Let your home reflect who you are - If you're like many people, your home is not a reflection of who you are right now, but a mixture of who you were in the past and even the person others believe you should be. Take a few hours, in this season of giving, to sort through some of your belongings and donate ones that no longer fit who you are and who you want to be.

2. Make your front entrance inviting. - Make sure your entry is well-lit and that there is a clear, safe path to your door. If you didn't already do it in the spring or summer, it's time to trim back hedges that may be creating a closed-in feeling on the path to your door. Motion sensor lights that greet visitors at your door should work. If your entry has dead lightbulbs or broken lights, fix them or speak to the building manager about getting them fixed. If you have a door bell, make sure it works, if possible.

3. Arrange your table so everyone feels comfortable. - The ideal Thanksgiving table will be arranged so that, if everyone can't be in a command position, at least no one has their back directly to the door. Make sure all guests can fit comfortably at the table.

A lot of times, hosting a large family for the holidays will stretch a New York City apartment until it feels as if it's bursting at the seams. If possible, clear other furniture and items out of the dining area to make the room seem more spacious. You can also add mirrors to the walls to expand the space. These also symbolically add to your bounty and promise a coming year of wealth. Consider skipping large centerpieces or anything else that may make the space seem tight. Fresh cut seasonal flowers are inexpensive, look great and don't take up a lot of room.

4. Make a strong first impression with scents of the season. You can use scents -- from fresh-baked pumpkin pie to apple-scented candles -- to create a sense of relaxation with aromatherapy.

5. Meditate for the right frame of mind. - Your guests will pick up on your energy, whether they realize it or not. If you are stressed, an uneasiness may fill the room. Meditate before guests arrived to feel calm and collected -- rather than harried and frazzled -- throughout dinner. The more anxious you feel about hosting, the longer you should meditate until you can achieve a peaceful state of mind. Once you've achieved that feeling, recollect it at intervals throughout the night so you will always exude a sense of control.

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With love and compassion,

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