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Feng Shui Health: Stay Healthy by Avoiding Piercing Heart Sha Chi

I recently spoke about three different types of chi to avoid when you're shopping for a city apartment. There's a fourth form of negative chi, which is possible but not easy to remedy.

What is Piercing Heart Sha Chi?  

I often talk about avoiding homes or apartments where any object blocks the front door. When this object is tall and narrow, like a lamppost, electrical pole, pillar or pylon, this is called Piercing Heart Sha Chi. Other examples of Piercing Heart Sha include:

- the sharp corner of another building pointing at the main entrance
- the sharp roofline of another low-rise or ground level apartment building pointing at the main entrance

Internal Piercing Heart Sha

Piercing Heart Sha can also exist within the building because of pillars or corners pointing at the main entrance. This is called internal piercing heart sha.

What's So Bad About Piercing Heart Sha?

Piercing heart sha can cause physical and health problems in an apartment's inhabitants. Depending on where the piercing heart sha is located, it can cause headaches, heart problems or digestive problems. Additionally, piercing heart sha can have negative effects on the apartment, including maintenance problems, structural issues, leaks, or robberies and break-ins.

Feng Shui Remedy for Piercing Heart Sha

Some piercing heart sha can be deflected with a mirror, but it's best to avoid buying an apartment with any of these forms of negative energy.  

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