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Feng Shui Office of Barack Obama and John McCain

What does the Feng Shui of your office say about you? When reviewing the offices of Barack Obama and John McCain, I notice a couple of interesting factors from a Feng Shui perspective.

Barack Obama does not have his desk positioned in the command position. Meaning that his back is to the door and is difficult to see what is coming at him. Based on his office set-up though, the couch is in more of a command position. I have a feeling this may be where he spends a lot of his time listening to others and sharing thoughts.

It could also say something about how he may view his job if he were President, listening to all sides and coming up with his own view or opinion. His space allows the chi (life energy) to circulate easily throughout the space this bringing in health and opportunities.

John McCain's office has a feeling of being stuck. And based on where the seating is in the room, I imagine that those that sit in the room never truly feel comfortable or at ease in the space. And with many of the items on the desk, may represent so many ideas and a lack of focus or completion.

What do you think? Would you change anything about either office?

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