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I Hired A Feng Shui Consultant, Now Where Do I Hang The Feng Shui Crystal?

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Recently, I've had a variety of clients bring me in for a Feng Shui consultation and wonder where they should hang a crystal, wind chime or place a fish tank. My question is always, why do you want to do that or what is the purpose and the typical answer is - because I thought that is what you are supposed to do in Feng Shui.

Many individuals have read a book or an article about how someone hung a round faceted crystal ball and automatically think they should do the same. However, each space, situation, and individual is unique and there is not one remedy that fits all of the problems. I compare this to cooking, sometimes the addition of certain ingredients are required and improve the flavor, however, you don't add all of the ingredients to every dish because it would not taste good and every dish would taste the same.

Example, I recently consulted for a business and the owner asked me if he should add a fish tank because he read somewhere in a book that it was good luck. I said that of course if you enjoy fish and they bring you peace, sure but from a Feng Shui perspective I would not. The reason was that the office already had so much of the water element represented in color and materials. If he would have added a fish tank, it would have made the place feel cold and dark when the opposite really was required.

Another example, I recently was called in to do a consultation for a large house under construction and I kept hearing the same question from the owner's friend, where do the crystals go. I sensed that the owner was not a fan of hanging crystals nor was their a true energetic need. The issues of that situation dealt with missing sections and could be fixed using other means using the addition of lights and plants.

So when thinking about Feng Shui, don't assume that you will be hanging a crystal, adding a fountain or purchasing fish. Take a moment to understand what the needs of the space are, where the difficulties are and what may be the options that work best with the space and for the individual.

So, my question to you: Have you recently implemented any Feng Shui Cures? For what purpose did you put the Feng Shui cures in place to remedy? Have you noticed a difference in the space, situation or circumstance?

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