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How To Use Feng Shui To Take Control of Your Life

control of your lifeAre you in control of your life? Do you feel as if you create the actions that occur every day?

Too often in today's society, we may feel as if we are spinning out of control. We are at the vortex of activity -- the proverbial hamster wheel -- but feel as if we're not accomplishing anything. We're reacting to stimuli around us rather than acting in line with our true life purpose.

Slow It Down with Feng Shui

Maybe you've experienced a lot of changes in your life recently -- changes that you didn't like. You felt out of control. You want things to slow down for just a little while.

You can use Feng Shui to add stability to your life with three easy Feng Shui tips.

1. A rock garden - Adding a rock garden to a specific area of your home based on the Ba Gua will increase the stability in that area of your life.

2. Boulders, large stones, and other heavy objects - Use these objects in your yard -- as long as they don't block your front entrance -- to increase stability and slow the tides of change in your life.

3. A yu - The Chinese use a small inkpot filled with rocks, which is symbolic of a heavy object, as a Feng Shui remedy to increase stability. If you are concerned about an impending possible break-up, placing a yu underneath your bed can help create a greater sense of permanence in the relationship. You can also use a yu in the career or wealth trigram when you lay the Ba Gua over your desk for greater job security.

Heavy objects are just one of nine proven, secret Feng Shui remedies. I reveal all nine in my eBook Feng Shui Secrets -- and show you how to use them to achieve all your goals, master your life, and attract everything you desire.

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