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Feng Shui Advice: Focus on What You Can Change

feng shuiMany times, people tell me they'd like to use Feng Shui in their space, but they feel there's too much wrong with their home and it's intimidating to know where to begin making changes.

Maybe the home has a staircase immediately facing the door, causing wealth and opportunities to flow out as quickly as they come in. Maybe there are other layout issues, or maybe the entire house is just in disrepair and requires a lot of work. Maybe someone who lives in an apartment feels like they can't make many changes to the space because it doesn't belong to them.

When I visit a client's home or apartment for a consultation, one of the things we focus on is what we actually can change -- not what we cannot change.

Most Feng Shui situations have an ideal cure (perhaps major renovations to move walls, staircases or windows) and other solutions that can also work. It's best to focus on solutions you can implement and areas of your home you can change. We can improve the flow of chi in nearly every home or apartment with just a few easy, inexpensive changes. And once you start seeing positive results from those changes, you may find ways to obtain the means to make bigger changes, too.

A Feng Shui expert can help you look at your home in a new way, by seeing what is right with it (or what can be changed to be more favorable) rather than focusing on what's wrong.

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