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Feng Shui Love Life: Balance Your Chi to Make Yourself Irresistible

balance your energy

Spring is here and summer's on its way, which means many women and men are focusing on improving their bodies and their looks to feel great in summer styles. But you can use Feng Shui to feel great in whatever you're wearing.

First, hold your body upright and pull your shoulders back to achieve a slimmer look and a better stance. Don't slouch, as it can actually make you look heavier and less sure of yourself. When you stand up straight, you will actually feel better and feel more confident.

Your chi, ideally, is a mix of yin and yang energy, both moving and peaceful. You can balance your chi with short meditations, positive thinking, and in the clothing you choose.

Choose colors that fit your mood and complement your chi. Our chi is our life energy, but it can change day to day. Picking colors that complement our chi and mood -- along with the characteristics of our personality that we want to emphasize -- literally brings out the best in a person.

When our chi is balanced, we present ourselves to others in a more confident, desirable way, and people find themselves drawn to us.

Everyone wants to be desirable and irresistible. Those feelings can begin right in your home -- in the objects you keep there, where you place them, and how your space is organized as you move through your day.

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