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A Feng Shui Consultant To The Stars Gives Advice (On What To Do During Stressful Times)

As Seen On Planet Pink n GreenI was recently interviewed by Cheryl Janis of Planet Pink n' Green and thought you may find this interesting.

By Cheryl Janis on October 20th, 2008

I was curious. One day as Ken Lauher — Feng Shui Consultant to the stars — was visiting Planet Pink n’ Green (thanks Ken), he stumbled across one of my posts (design q&a) on the subject of feng shui and left an interesting and helpful comment on a question that a reader had sent in. There was something genuine in his voice that made me want to learn more about his work.

As a former Feng Shui Consultant and Interior Designer myself, I was curious about his practice, how he got there (he looks young doesn’t he?) and what (Feng Shui) advice he might give on how to manage stress in our current economy. One thing led to another and an interview with Ken popped out of my brain and onto these pages. Here it is:

CJ: You are a Feng Shui Consultant in NYC, correct? How did you get involved in that field, who have you studied with and was it always your dream to work with the energy of spaces/land? 

Feng Shui Consultant Ken LauherKL: Yes, I’m a Feng Shui consultant living in NYC but have clients across the nation and international.

Regarding how I got involved with Feng Shui; I have always had an interest in how a space can work for you or against you.

At the age of 6 I started moving my large bedroom furniture around to make it work better for me. And I’ve always had an interest in the Asian arts but thought I may be involved with landscaping Japanese gardens or something along those lines.

In college I started getting interested in Feng Shui and started meditating. I then moved to NYC for a job on Wall Street that gave me a new understanding of working long hours and stress. One day I started paying attention to the number of hours I was working and the toll it was taking on my health. So I decided to say goodbye to Wall Street and gain balance back in my life.

I started a networking organization and did some traveling. During that time, I had a near death experience where I saw the movie of my life. It was like watching an 8 hour movie of yourself where you see grade school teachers, all kinds of different scenes that I had forgotten about. Then I just kept repeating in my mind, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, then I snapped out of it. In real-time it all happened in a nano-second but watching the movie felt like a full day. I then began to realize that there was no such thing as time in that space and the possibility of other realms and influences.

Then I was mugged at gun point. That really put me into a tail spin. I became a hermit and didn’t even want to go outside. I made a decision at that point that again, I needed to introduce balance and harmony into my space and life. I started reading books and articles on Feng Shui. Each time I did, I would adjust my space. I soon became so frustrated with the contradictions and misunderstanding that I was ready to seek expert advice. Next thing I know, I enrolled in a 3 year Feng Shui Master’s training program to with Barry Gordon, Edgar Sung, Steven Post, and His Holiness Lin Yun Rinpoche.

It all seemed so natural to me and loved the idea of working with energy to help others. I then realized that this is my calling and now has become a life long journey for me.

CJ: You mentioned on your website and in your marketing materials that you are a feng shui consultant to the stars. Can you be a little more specific? Are your clients actors, screen writers, directors, producers, etc.? Can you drop a name? (I’m from Los Angles and have worked with a few in the entertainment industry also.)

View the answer and full interview at Planet Pink n' Green


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