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Feng Shui Dating Tips: 3 Places to Find The Love Of Your Life This Summer

Feng Shui Dating TipsMemorial Day weekend marks the start of beach season for many people in New York City and beyond.

The beach is one place single women and men may hang out to meet that special someone.

But if you're single and looking for love, you don't have to wait until the unofficial start of summer to start putting yourself in places where you may meet the one for you.

Here are three ideas. And the best part? No bikini body necessary.

1. Bookstores and coffee houses. Even with ecommerce taking over, people do still shop -- and browse -- in bookstores. From local places to large chains, most bookstores also offer coffee and snacks and some even host local bands, poetry readings and open mic nights, making it a great place to connect with people in your neighborhood.

2. An adult education classes and seminars. When you take a course in something that interests you, you're bound to meet others -- men and women -- who share that interest. Setting your intention to expand your horizons opens the doors for other opportunities to enter your life, as well ... perhaps the opportunity to meet the man of your dreams.

3. Anywhere! You don't have to put yourself in specific situations or venues to meet a potential partner. Open your mind to the possibility that your Mr. Right could be just around the corner (literally!), at a local park, or even in your own apartment building. When you greet each day -- and every person -- with the mindset that the love of your life is out there, you may be surprised by how quickly you find him.

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