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Wealth Feng Shui: Why It's Okay to Want Nice Things

feng shui wealthIn Feng Shui, creating changes in our space can have a positive impact on our wealth, money and energy.
When we have more energy to pursue what we're passionate or curious about, it welcomes new opportunities.
We've all heard the phrase “money doesn't buy happiness.”
To some extent, and for many, people, this is true. It's just as easy to be rich and unhappy as it is to be poor and unhappy. But it's also harder to be happy without many of the necessities and luxuries that money can buy.

Of course, we've all heard of the young couples with barely enough to scrape by, “living on love.” But that's only when your basic necessities for life and security -- such as food and a roof over your head -- are met. And money can buy that.

Money can also buy many of the luxuries that help us to enjoy life. There's no harm in this. Unfortunately, many people (especially women) tend to be ashamed to admit they want more out of life -- especially more material possessions.
They might feel guilty wanting famous brand clothes or accessories when some people can't afford clothes at all. And this can keep someone “stuck” where they are, in a mentality of desiring but not being able to attract what they desire.

You Deserve Good Things

I want to tell you that you deserve good things. Why? Because everyone does. Everyone is worthy of fulfilling all their dreams. So it's time to stop feeling guilty, set your sights on what you want, and set your intention to get it. The Universe provides us with what we focus on, if we permit it to.

One of the things that makes Feng Shui so powerful is that when we make changes to our home or apartment, we are bringing our space into alignment with what we really want -- we're adjusting our focus to fulfill our goals.

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