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Pet Feng Shui: How Pets Add Joy to Small Spaces

pets add joy to small spaces resized 600Do you feel cramped in your New York apartment? Stifled? When you look around your apartment and pinpoint the feeling it gives you, do you sense stagnant chi all around? Although it may seem counter-intuitive to share your small space with another being, adding a pet may actually help. Pets help circulate stagnant chi and can fill even the smallest space with positive energy.

All living things -- plants, animals, and people, too -- have a life force. Having pets increases the chi that flows and moves around you as they freely move about your living space.

Our pets enhance our lives as companions, friends and family members. Studies have even proven that having a pet can reduce stress and high-blood pressure. A pet can be an undemanding, positive and calming presence in your home. Most are naturally upbeat and have good energy.

Dogs That Enjoy Smaller Spaces

If you live in a small city apartment, you may think that a pet, especially a dog, needs more space. Often people assume that they can only have a bird or cat in an apartment. There are actually dog breeds that do very well in smaller spaces and they aren’t all tiny “pocket pets” like Chihuahuas. Here are some breeds that are suitable for apartments:
- Bichon Frise
- Basset Hound
- Bulldog
- Italian Greyhound
- Scottish Terrier

Just about any larger breed can live in an apartment, too, with enough outside exercise and stimulation. Just be sure to research first to pick the best breed for your lifestyle.

Adequate Exercise Enhances Both Your Lives

Don’t think that because a dog is happy with the space in your apartment that he’s fine - all dogs require exercise. Walking your dog at least once a day is good for both of you. It gets you moving and out to enjoy nature and fresh air.

In my Feng Shui consultations, I often recommend introducing life chi, whether it's in the form of animals, plants, trees or flowers, to a space. Adding life chi is just one of the nine secret Feng Shui remedies I share in my eBook. If you're facing a situation you want to change, or feel as if your home or apartment has stagnant chi, I know one of the time-tested, proven remedies I share in my book can help.

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