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Feng Shui After Divorce: How One Divorcee Protects Space & Inner Peace With Feng Shui

feng shui remediesThe Feng Shui principle of chi, or life force energy, can transform a space and your life. Creating and using that powerful positive chi can have a significant impact on all areas of your life.

Recently, a client in a Midwestern suburb asked for my help with what she called “a negative energy problem.” She was divorced and living in the home she had shared with her spouse. Much of what little energy she had left after the split went into bringing positive healing back into what was now her space.

Changing the Energy in Your Living Space

This client had worked hard to transform her home from a place of stress and sadness to a space filled with the life-giving energy of good friends and meaningful, cherished objects. She was pleased with the outcome. She told me, “I’m finally beginning to feel at peace!”

But after not having any contact with her former husband for months, he insisted on returning to the home to retrieve some files he needed. This news was extremely upsetting to my client, as she had worked so hard to remove his negative energy from her home. She consulted me for guidance.

The Power of Feng Shui Remedies

With her assistance, I surveyed the home to help me get a sense of any energy issues. I suggested that prior to the visit she implement some empowering Feng Shui remedies to the space. Some of my suggestions involved placing objects around the home that would increase the flow of positive chi and in essence deflect any negative energy that came into the home. She agreed to place empowering, life-giving objects in the main areas of the home, particularly the kitchen and bedroom.

The client, while still distressed about the upcoming event, thanked me for “helping me to regain and reinforce” the positive energy in her space. Even though she admitted to feeling anxious, she now felt empowered in her stance and saw the house again in its formerly nurturing state.

We scheduled a follow-up consult to review the outcome of the visit and how she dealt with it.

Successful Outcome: Return to Balance

In the follow-up session, my client reported a successful outcome. She believed the combination of the key objects, preparatory meditation and increased chi empowered her to face the event. Absent while he was in the home, my client said, “When I returned, I didn’t even feel his presence after he had been in the house and that was a gift!”

We often hear the phase, “the power of positive thinking” and with Feng Shui that principle is experienced by people every day. Increasing the chi life force in big and small ways will help you restore balance in your life when you’re not feeling grounded.

Are you concerned about an upcoming event? Or healing after a divorce or particularly bad breakup? A Feng Shui consultation can help you view your space in a new way and determine the best remedies to apply for specific, life-changing results.

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