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Feng Shui Income Luck: How To Increase Your Income through Intention and Feng Shui

increase your income with feng shuiOne of the top three reasons people come to me for Feng Shui consultations is to attract more wealth and abundance into their life. Of course, having more money frees us from many worries, makes us more secure, and gives us the means to have more fun, too.

Money buys not only material things that make us more comfortable, but it can also buy more time and better health.

So it's good to grow our bank account ... but how? Here are three easy ways:

•    Look for new, lucrative income streams – Do you have a hobby, art, craft or skill that could potentially be bringing you income? How about offering consulting services in addition to your primary job?

•    Do you have objects of value that someone might want? I don’t mean cherished items that you love, such as gifts from loved ones. What about things you have stored away that you don’t use? Selling or giving them away fulfills several key Feng Shui elements: removing clutter from your life, letting another person enjoy an object and making room for new abundance in your life.

•    Ask for a raise. If you're not making the money you want, it's time to change your mindset and ask your boss for a raise -- knowing that you're worth it and expecting him to say yes. You can dress in colors that will adjust your personal chi for greater confidence and to project an attitude that will encourage your boss to say yes and strengthen your negotiation skills, too.

When you set your intention and focus on wealth, I'm sure you'll find other easy ways to increase your income, too. Can you think of one and post it below?

Increasing your income is just one of the ways Feng Shui and my new eBook Feng Shui Secrets can help you. In the book, I show you which area of your home or apartment to empower for greater wealth, and offer other tips on how to align your space so it welcomes income-producing opportunities into your life.

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