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Feng Shui Self Analysis: How To Determine Your Own Self Worth

determine your self worthOften it’s easy for us to set a “value” on things in our life – our friends, family, homes, the work we do, etc. We also have material objects that we love, and value them at more than their monetary worth. Examples may include family photos, heirloom jewelry, and maybe even your computer or work tools, if your career is important to you.

But I wonder if you include yourself at the top of the list of things you value? Even if we’re comfortable and secure, we often don’t think about our self-worth. In Feng Shui, how we value ourselves is a key principle. It adds to our life’s wealth and abundance.

Empower Yourself to Set the “Currency”

Women, especially, often allow others to label them or determine their value. They internalize much of what is said to them or compare themselves to others. Empower yourself to set up a barrier to deflect those opinions of others. Of course, people who love you will express things that embrace and celebrate you. But even those caring words should be secondary to your own evaluation of your worth.

Attract Wealth To Your Self-Worth

If you’ve had a bad day or find you’re holding negative thoughts about yourself, stop and re-evaluate. Try this exercise: Write down 15 things that you love about yourself. Yes you can come up with 15, no excuses! This validation ritual replenishes your value.

Another way to attract and enhance that wealth is visualization. How can you add to your value?

What’s missing that you want? Visualize a “you” with “extras!” (What is the Desired Outcome?) But remember, you are the only one who is allowed to set the “currency” that defines your self-worth.

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