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How to Find the Motivation to Feel Better Using Feng Shui

how to find the motivation to feel better

Have you put off exercising all winter and now it's starting to show? Dreading bathing suit shopping this year? Have you cleaned out your closet to discover last year's shorts don't fit?

It might be time to get motivated to get active this spring. If looking great on the beach doesn't do it for you, think about how much more energy you'll have. (Or how much money you'll save if you don't have to buy larger clothes this year!)

Whether you want to start exercising for the health benefits, beauty benefits, or to have the energy to chase your toddler at the water park, you can make some positive Feng Shui changes in your house to help you achieve your goals. Follow these three easy steps.

1. Activate Your Home's Central Palace
The Health and Well-Being trigram of the Ba Gua is located directly in the center of your home or apartment, showcasing its importance to every other area of life. When we don't feel our best, it makes it harder to live our true purpose or go after our goals. The central palace should be open, clean and clear as this represents yin energy and should not have anything moving such as water or a water fountain. Adding items that represent weight such as a rock or statue can help with this area and the stability.

2. Stock Your Kitchen with Healthful Foods.
Eating right can help give you the energy you need to begin an exercise program. Healthy, whole foods like fruits and vegetables add positive chi to your kitchen and help cement your intention to live a healthier life.

3. Keep Workout Wear or Exercise Equipment in a Prominent Place.
If you are learning a new sport, you may want to store your exercise equipment in the Knowledge trigram of the Ba Gua. If family bicycle trips is your goal for the spring, hang your helmets in the Children or Family trigram. These serve as Anchoring Objects to activate positive chi and remind you of your goal to live a healthier life.

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