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Feng Shui Financial: 3 Steps to a Fresh Financial Start with Feng Shui

feng shui your finances resized 600You may not want to hear another thing about spring cleaning. You know. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Avoid artificial scents. Open windows to let in fresh light and air. Get rid of anything you haven't used since you set the clocks forward last year.

But there's one more area of your life that deserves a second look and a fresh start, and now's the time to do it: Your finances.

Here are three ways to Feng Shui your finances for wealth and success.

1. Evaluate your debt and write a budget. - Budgets may seem boring but they are the best way to find out where all your money goes. If you are drowning in debt, look at your minimum monthly payments on revolving credit card accounts.

Now evaluate your other expenses. Can you afford to pay more than the minimum on at least one card? Set a goal for financial freedom and make it your intention to make more money, save more money, or do whatever it takes to secure your future.

2. Consider what your home says about your finances. Do you hide unpaid bills in a drawer in your foyer? Or stack them on your dining room table This could mean you are sloppy about your finances -- or avoiding the topic all together. If you toss loose dollar bills, crumbed in piles all over the place, it could mean you don't place that much importance on money. That's okay -- as long as you have enough of it! When you analyze your space, you can make adjustments so your environment will help you reach your financial goals.

3. Activate the wealth trigram of the ba gua in your home or apartment. When you activate the wealth corner of your home, you are setting your intention to focus on your income. You can use a water fountain, money jar or any object that reminds you of your goal.

What else would you add to the list?

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