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Feng Shui Secrets of Successful Women: How to Read People

secrets of successful women resized 600Do you often wish you were better at negotiating to get what you want? Whether it's at work, with your spouse or with your kids, chances are you perform dozens of negotiations every day. Do you think you could be more successful if you were better at negotiating?

One way to hone your skills is by learning to read people with these simple steps.

1. Learn how to judge a person's physiology. - A person's physiology describes how they stand, walk and project themselves. It's closely tied to their energy or chi, but most people don't realize how much their physiology says about them -- to those who know how to read it! Someone's physiology will tell you how serious they are about a negotiation, whether they are generally negative or positive, their self-esteem level, and how you can best appeal to their emotions.

2. Speak the same language. - Have you ever heard the term, “We speak the same language”? People fall into several learning categories: kinesthetic, visual, auditory and olfactory. This describes how people relate to things: through action/touch, sight, hearing or smell. A person's language reflects her learning style. Figure out what it is and use similar phrases to make a better connection for a successful negotiation.

3. Define your purpose or objective and stick with it. - Being confident in negotiations is the key ingredient that will take you from being a doormat to a master negotiator. Define what you want from any negotiation and set your intention to achieve it.

Whether you are negotiating for more pay or just to get the kids to bed at night, negotiation skills will help you on the path to leading the life you were meant to live.

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