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How To Feng Shui Your Yard

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Spring is here, a time of re-birth, reinvention and renewal. Forward, positive movement and renewal are Feng Shui principles.

Most outdoor spaces look forlorn after the dormancy of winter and inactivity in that area. Even if you only have a small outdoor space, there are many things you can do to create a wonderful environment. Start with these tips.


Planting living flowers and greenery is very positive Feng Shui, as they enhance the flow of chi around the home. Digging in the earth is also a way to reconnect with nature and is a very physically satisfying activity. Seeing the results of your effort after planting is a very real reminder of worthwhile work.

Look for plants that will thrive in your area and in your soil conditions.


You probably have areas of your yard or outdoor space that have been planted, but need attention. Red-seeding grass and filling in flower beds with seed should be just as important as bringing in new plants that have been established in a nursery. Regrowth is a very positive principle that enriches us.

Pay Attention to Missing Areas

If you think of a Ba Gua map when in your yard, you may notice missing areas. Flowers in colors that correspond to these areas, planted in the area closest to the missing area to “fill it in” can bring you good fortune. White flowers to fill in the children and creativity section or gold flowers in the wealth trigram (along with a bird bath, perhaps, to employ the water element and attract living chi to the space) may improve your luck in these areas of your life.

Prune Trees

Pruning trees promotes two things – regrowth and reshaping. Many trees will not put out much new growth if they are not pruned back. The reshaping creates balance and symmetry. Pruning is also a safety issue. A tree that isn’t balanced is in danger of coming down or losing limbs in a high wind.

Add Water or Light Elements

Water in your yard is good Feng Shui, encouraging the flow of chi. Water moving also creates a pleasing sound that is relaxing. Incorporating a fountain made of stone or other heavy material offers a grounding influence.

Consider adding strands of small white lights for interest or hanging a lantern as a focal point. Light in your yard adds a sense of balance, breaking up the dark colors of the earth and foliage plants. Light can also be used to replace missing trigrams of the Ba Gua in your yard.

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