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Feng Shui Your Bathroom With These 3 Low Cost Tips

feng shui bathroomSelf-nurturing is important if you are to look and feel your best in order to have the most energy to go after your goals. Your bathroom is the ideal place for self-nurturing.

If your bathroom currently doesn’t have that feel, you can make some very simple, low cost changes to transform it into a place of renewal.

1. Change the Bathroom Colors – Paint is a very inexpensive way to enhance a space. Since color is very crucial to good Feng Shui, consider what colors are best for your bath.  Those colors are green, yellow, blue, silver sage, lavender, and yellow. Because the bathroom already has an enormous amount of water energy, using colors that incorporate the “wood” element, such as lighter shades of blues and greens, balance the water element.

2. Add Scent – We equate the use of scent in bathrooms with a “spa-like” atmosphere. Scents are very evocative and encourage a positive, but also very relaxing flow of chi into the space. Small pots of fresh herbs, such as lavender, rosemary or sage, add calming scents to the space, while also offsetting the water element in the room. Herbs are very inexpensive plants that have strong healing powers in addition to wonderful fragrance.

3. Organize  – Organizing the items in your bathroom provides two positive Feng Shui opportunities. You are removing clutter and you are bringing in elements that balance the space. Using natural baskets to corral unsightly items balances the water element and is a nice decorative touch.

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