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Feng Shui Placement for TV's, Computers and Other Electronics

Feng Shui placement of TV's, computers and other electronic components is very important. Because they emit energy that isn’t always positive, you should give some consideration to where they should be positioned.

Avoid Placement in the Bedroom

One room in particular that is not a good space for electronics is the bedroom. The master bedroom should be a relaxing, positive sanctuary for you and your partner. The emission of energy from electronic devices can be disruptive to your sleep. This is especially true of computer equipment.

The bedroom should not be a place of work. You know if you have a computer in that space, you may pop on and do a last-minute work project. Keep that temptation away and break the unhealthy pattern by putting your computer or laptop in another area of the home.


Tips for Correct Placement in the Family Room

People watch TV, listen to music and use gaming systems in this room. Electronics in this area can bring positive chi because the people using the space are enjoying themselves and the people with whom they are interacting.

To enhance the positive chi:
•    Remember that this area should also be conducive to quiet conversation and socializing.
•    It helps if you can put these items in storage units or behind cabinet doors when not in use.
•    If possible, have the electronic components arranged with clear pathways around them.
•    A tangle of wires is bad Feng Shui -- and a safety hazard, especially if you have children or pet. Use a clean wire management system to keep wires contained; it will look nicer and be safer for everyone in your home.


Using the Ba Gua to Place Electronics

While you must consider the flow of traffic through a home when you think about where to keep your computer, TV and other electronics, you can also use them to activate specific trigrams of the Feng Shui Ba Gua.

For instance, a television is highly active chi. Placing it in the fame and recognition trigram or in another corner where you hope to raise the chi can have a positive effect.

Your computer should be placed, if possible, in the knowledge, career, wealth or fame and recognition trigrams, depending on what it's used for and your overall goals. If you have a home office in your living room or other family gathering area, consider using a screen or bookcase to separate the two spaces.


Cancel Out Potential Harm from Electronics

Electronics like TVs do emit some potentially harmful energy called “electric and magnetic frequencies” (EMF). Although there are meters that can read these levels if you are concerned, many things will balance out that possibly negative energy. Adding live plants and having lots of healthy air ventilation is good Feng Shui and will increase the chi in the area.

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