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Feng Shui Kitchen: 5 Tips for a Low Cost Kitchen Makeover

Feng Shui kitchen tips for a makeoverIn Feng Shui, the kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the house” with good reason.
In Feng Shui, the kitchen, or more specifically, the stove, is one of the three most important areas of a home. The other two are the main entrance and the master bedroom.

The stove represents our source of food and our ability to gain food through our work.
It is also a Feng Shui area that represents our career, outside recognition we receive and the ability to manifest our goals and dreams. To improve the Feng Shui in your kitchen, consider doing some renovation if necessary. This doesn’t have to be an expensive total redo, there are many low cost things you can do.
Five Low Cost Feng Shui Kitchen Tips To Raise The Energy Of Your Space

1. Paint Cabinets

Paint is one of the least expensive things you can do to your interior to change its appearance. Painting your kitchen cabinets will give the room a much less expensive face-lift than replacing them. All it takes is some good prep and you can paint.

Color is a key element of Feng Shui and there are colors for your kitchen that will bring the most positive results. The best kitchen color is white, which denotes cleanliness and purity. White backgrounds make the food’s colors and characteristics shine through.

2. Add New Accessories

Another cost-saving way to upgrade your kitchen’s look is by adding interesting new accessories. Add splashes of color with decorative bowls and texture with baskets. A white ceramic container for your colorful cooking tools will add an eye-catching element, attracting positive attention.

3. Clear Countertops

Kitchens, because we use them so much, tend to attract piles of clutter. Not only does this make it hard to work in your kitchen, it creates areas that are blocked. Clear off your countertops to allow for easier movement. Put away appliances that you rarely use and organize your kitchen by using drawers and cupboards more efficiently.

4. Let in More Light

Adequate light is essential for a kitchen’s functionality and appearance, too. Light lifts your spirit and energy, creating a positive flow of chi to a space. Consider beautiful hanging pendant lights focusing on your kitchen work spaces.

5. Plants, Fresh Fruit and Flowers

Living things are one of the best ways to increase chi and are good Feng Shui to have around you. Put out fresh fruit in bowls. Fill vases with flowers and greenery. Nothing looks more appealing in a kitchen than growing herbs to use in cooking. Put terra cotta pots of lavender, rosemary and basil on your windowsill.

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