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Feng Shui Success: 3 Guidelines for Feng Shui Success

feng shui success

Black Sect Feng Shui relies heavily on intuition and, to a large degree, knowing yourself, your goals, and what works for you. It is about finding the remedies that not only work best for your current goals and situation but also what may work best for you and your family in your home or apartment. 

If you make an effort to live in the moment, listen to your inner voice, and follow these three tips, you'll experience even greater success from Feng Shui.

1. Choose from multiple Feng Shui remedies. For most issues created by negative or stagnant chi or other bad Feng Shui, there are multiple solutions. This gives you a lot of flexibility to select the remedy that works for you. Sometimes, it may mean moving or re-purposing furniture to improve the flow of chi. In other cases, the use of color can improve the Feng Shui of a space.

Feng Shui consultants typically recommend one of nine different remedies to help align your living environment with your life goals and purpose.

2. Trust your intuition. As you implement Feng Shui remedies, trust your intuition that you will select the right one. What feels right and what appeals most to you?

3. Ask yourself: Does it work for me? Once you decide on the Feng Shui action to take in your home or apartment, give it a chance to alter the chi of the space. Evaluate it to decide if it's working for you. Does it fit with your lifestyle, your personality and your home's decor? Is it accomplishing what you hoped it would? Again, trust your intuition in this process.

Feng Shui has been proven, after centuries of use, to work whether you truly believe in the principles or if you're just at your wit's end and willing to try anything. The flow of energy is always a factor in our lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. But when you truly place your intention and belief -- as well as positive action -- behind a Feng Shui remedy, you will be truly amazed at the immediate results.

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