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Small Spaces: Good Feng Shui?

tiny house movement resized 600The Oprah show has featured the Small House Movement, a thriving sustainability project where people move into houses measuring between 65 to 840 square feet -- and live there successfully?

It is really possible to live in such a small space? And can a home that tiny have good Feng Shui? The answers are, “Yes!” Here are three good reasons why:

Sustainability is good Feng Shui. The Small House Movement was launched in the name of sustainability: fewer building materials, less land to clear, and a simpler way of life. These are all positive Feng Shui principles to live by.

If a home makes you happy, it's good Feng Shui. While clutter, inherently, is not negative, holding on to things that don't serve your life purpose is bad Feng Shui. Living in a home the size of a college dorm room (or some New York City studio apartments) forces you to get rid of anything you don't need or love. You'll think more carefully about what you keep in your home, and that can make you happy.

Positive chi doesn't care how much space you have. As I point out when I consult with many New York City clients in studio apartments or smaller spaces, you can have good Feng Shui in a single room or a small space as easily (and maybe more easily!) than you can in a large home.

It's about filling the space you have with things you love and encouraging the flow of chi to every area. A single room that gets lots of use may have better energy than a large home with an entire wing of stagnant chi because no one ever goes in there.

Feng Shui also has to do with the surroundings, so choosing a fortunate location in an area surrounded by natural elements like trees and water for your “small house” can be very good Feng Shui.

Of course, this type of living isn't for everyone, but it's interesting to consider.

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