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Feng Shui Your New Home or Apartment in 3 Easy Steps

feng shui new apartmentMoving into a new home or apartment is exciting, and real estate agents are saying now is the best time to buy, with home prices and interest rates both very low.

Moving is also a perfect time to evaluate your life goals and determine how you can bring your new space into alignment with those goals before you begin filling the house with old habits (and old stuff that you no longer need, too!)

Follow these three steps when you move in to begin life in your new home or apartment with good Feng Shui.

1. Identify your purpose - Who do you want to be in your new home or apartment? What do you want your new living space to say about you? Where do you want to focus your attention, and how can you set up your new home to remind you of this purpose?

2. Make sure your belongings fit. - Of course, measure before you move in to make sure your belongings and furniture will physically fit in your new space. But more importantly, do they match the chi of the home, and do they match your new (or continued) intention and focus? Just prior to a move is the perfect time to get rid of anything that doesn't serve you -- from old beliefs to that old couch you had from your first apartment during college.

3. Space cleansing - Clear out the negative chi from past owners or tenants, as well as clearing your old beliefs that may be holding you back, with a Chen Pi Purification Space Cleansing . Many of my clients have experienced incredible success and gotten unstuck after experiencing a space cleansing and personal blessing. Click here to learn more.

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