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9 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Home or Apartment

questions to ask yourselfIs your home or apartment inspiring you to get unstuck and go after everything you want in life? Or is it blocking you in ways you may not even realize?

Go through your home room by room and ask yourself these questions about your space.  Remain quiet, listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition to discover the answers.

1. What objects from my past are in this space that no longer serve me, my life purpose, or my goals?

2. Does everything in this area fill a purpose and bring me joy? If not, how can I get rid of it so that it may serve or help others?

3. What other objects are here and what do they say about me, my goals, my life and my home or apartment?

4. Is the space disorganized or neat and clean? If it's in disarray, am I neglecting this area of my life as represented by the Feng Shui Ba Gua? If it's too sparse and has no chi circulating, do I need to devote more energy and creativity to this area of my life?

5. If I can't afford to replace an object I no longer like, what inexpensive steps can I take to improve it right now? Will a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint help? What about moving the object to another space where it fits better and fills a different need or purpose?

6. What overall “story” is this area of my home telling me? What may it show that I'm doing well and what needs improvement? Where does it say I am focusing my attention in life right now? Is the area I'm focused on the area I want to focus on in order to live my true life purpose and achieve my goals? If not, what changes can I make to align this space with my goals?

7. Overall, how does this area of my home make me feel? Energized? At peace? Happy? Disoriented? Depressed? Can I pinpoint why?

8. Is the overall chi in this space lively and active or depressed? Is there a Feng Shui remedy I can use to raise or re-direct the chi?

9. What changes can I make right now to improve how the space feels?

If your home or apartment begins revealing things about your mindset and life that you don't like very much, you can take steps, beginning today, to change it!

Why not give me a call to set up a Feng Shui consultation, where I can guide you through the steps you can take to Feng Shui your home or apartment, or pick up your risk free trial of Feng Shui Secrets today.

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