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Feng Shui Garden - 5 Natural Ways To Create An Organic Garden

organic garden feng shui resized 600I can't think of anything that's better Feng Shui for a yard (or even a New York rooftop or a windowbox) than a Feng Shui garden.

Here are five ways to create a natural garden without resorting to harsh smelling fertilizers or toxic chemicals to keep away bugs and animals that can destroy your food.40296

An organic garden is healthy, which we know is a key component to Feng Shui and success!

1. Start a compost pile. Starting a compost pile now is about re-using, renewing and recycling. Dump old food and organic matter into a compost pile now and, within months, you'll have all-natural fertilizer for the season.

2. Crop rotation. Read up on crop rotation and plant different vegetables from season-to-season. It's what organic farmers use to get the most out of their land, and can work on even a small garden plot.

3. Introduce color -- and keep away pests. Marigolds and several other flowers keep away garden pests like squirrels and raccoons, and also create Feng Shui splashes of color in your garden. Plot your garden according to the Ba Gua map and activate the different trigrams with different color flowers or vegetables.

4. Share what you grow. Set up a vegetable trade with your neighbors (this can help with crop rotation, too) to make your bounty go even further.

5. Display your garden's bounty on your kitchen table. Whether it's fresh herbs or bright colored vegetables, create a bowl, dish or display to bring the living chi from your garden into your home.

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