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Feng Shui Schools Explained And Their Differences

In Feng Shui, there are many schools that offer Feng Shui certification, education or training. From Black Sect or BTB, Form School, Compass School and more. Each Feng Shui school uses a different approach but uses the Universal understandings of Feng Shui to optimize your space and your life. 
One of the most frequently asked questions/topics that I receive daily has to do with the compass direction of a person's home, bedroom, etc.

This is a big frustration for many, especially if you don't realize there is a variety of different schools of Feng Shui and different levels of understanding. As many start to purchase books and realize that each book is telling them something completely different.

All schools of Feng Shui are based on similar universal knowledge, but have developed different approaches and techniques for identifying and balancing chi.

The two oldest traditional schools are the Form School and the Compass School.

And According to His Holiness Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche (one of the foremost experts in Feng Shui), he considers the most prominent contemporary schools to be Three harmony, Three Era, Nine Stars, Southern school, Taoist schools, Ecclectical School, Yin Yan Schools, and Buddhist Schools.

This is important to know when selecting books or reading articles on Feng Shui as many people get confused because they pick up two different books on Feng Shui based on two different schools of thought and become even more frustrated.

Black Sect Feng Shui

I personally study and practice Black Sect Feng Shui. Of the Buddhist Schools, Black Sect Feng Shui contains traditional Feng Shui knowledge, mixed with the Intangible dimension concerns, having to do with what we can't see, and emphasizes the Three Secret Reinforcements.

Do I Have To Convert?

No, you don't have to convert or need to be a Buddhist to study or practice Black Sect Feng Shui, or for that matter be of any particular faith to apply the principles of this school of Feng Shui. And it can be a great compliment to an existing faith.

What Distinguishes The Black Sect Feng Shui Approach From Traditional Feng Shui?

One important difference is that most traditional schools use the compass and the absolute or cardinal directions as a way of interpreting a given place in terms of wider universal factors. The Black Sect means of doing this involves understanding the site, not in terms of the fixed directions or compass positions, but in terms of the relative direction from which the Chi enters and on the site's unique qualities.

A second difference between the Black Sect and traditional approaches is that traditional approaches emphasize tangible, objective factors, like the placement of a door or window, in appraising a location. The Black Sect also uses such considerations but tends to give a greater emphasis than some other traditions to subjective, intangible forces, derived from one's intuition, while recognizing the great importance of what is seen. Instead of emphasizing the visible and physical primarily, the Black Sect also emphasizes the power of Body, Speech, and Mind through the Three Secret Reinforcements.

In ancient times, BTB Feng Shui assimilated Buddhist teachings from India with the preexisting practices of the Bon lineage in Tibet. As this hybrid developed, it moved into China and further mixed with various cultural influences, including Chinese Feng Shui, Taoism, Confucianism, ancient healing methods, and astrology.

Though Feng Shui has been practiced in various forms throughout the world, it became particularly strong in China, where the BTB practices were integrated to become a cohesive discipline.

Keep in mind that no path has more value than any other; they all simply employ different means to the end.

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