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Feng Shui Clutter: Do You Need to De-Clutter for Good Feng Shui?

feng shui clutterIs Reducing Clutter Really Necessary?

Open to the first chapter of nearly any book on Feng Shui, and you'll see that Feng Shui experts -- along with professional organizers, interior designers, life coaches and the mass media -- advise you to “de-clutter your home.”

It's absolutely true that chi can't flow in a home with books, furniture, junk, toys and other objects strewn haphazardly across a room. These objects without their own space in your home also create the practical hazard -- if you can't walk across a room without tripping, that is definitely not good Feng Shui!

But if a sparse “show room” style home that looks like no one lives there is not your style, there's no need to strive for this home decorating magazine ideal, either. It's okay to have things in your home. Just make sure that:

-  Everything in your home or apartment serves a purpose (even -- especially -- if that purpose is to bring you joy or inspire you to achieve your true life goals)

-  Everything has a specific place where it resides when not in use

- That space is not blocking the flow of chi in a major thoroughfare, like a hallway, doorway or your main entrance

- The object “feels” right in that section of your home. This is where the intuition aspect of Feng Shui comes in. A consultation from an expert Feng Shui consultation can help you assess the flow of chi in your home and decide what may work best in your home or apartment's layout

- The object fits your life and your home or apartment now. One of the main dangers of clutter is that people tend to hold on to things from past stages of their lives. This can keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward.

 Surrounding yourself with reminders of the person you used to be -- 10 years ago, five years ago, or maybe even just yesterday -- will not keep you moving forward to fulfill your true life purpose TODAY.

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