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Feng Shui for Business Owners: Are You Locking Out Success?

In Feng Shui, business owners can gain clarity, focus and success when applying Feng Shui in their business. It helps their customers flow easily through the store or business to feel good and find items that they are attracted to and wish to purchase. 
Here is an example of how you can improve the customer experience to help them feel at ease and enjoy their shopping experience. 

please use other door“Please use other door.”

How many times have you seen this sign on the front door of a business? The well-meaning business owners who put up the sign to direct the flow of traffic may not realize they are blocking opportunities and possibly frustrating customers.

Even worse is when there's no sign at all, and you try to pull a door open, only to find it locked.

Or how about this: An enticing piece of merchandise catches your eye, so you try to walk inside a little New York City boutique. Then you see a hand-printed, tattered sign on a 8.5 X 11 paper that says, “Go around back.” (Or there's no sign and you have to figure it out yourself.)
What is your mindset like now? Do you still feel like buying the piece that originally attracted your attention?

Locked Doors Block Chi -- and Customers

Locking the doors to a business that is supposed to be open and welcoming to customers is not good Feng Shui. It won't help attraction opportunities into a business. By all means, lock your doors at night and use a security gate, but when you're open for business, show the world you're open.

Follow these other fast and easy Feng Shui tips to make sure your retail shop always entices customers and opportunity:

- Keep the glass on your front door and windows clean and fingerprint-free so customers can see inside.

- Welcome shoppers with attractive window displays.

- Don't block too much of the view into the store; let customers see inside so they'll want to come inside.

- Have a clear path inside your store's front entryway that invites visitors to walk in and browse.

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