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Taking Two Opportunities to Share Feng Shui Advice with OmTimes Readers

OmTimes Magazine April 2011 resized 600I'd like to congratulate the staff of OmTimes, and especially mention publishers Christopher Buck and Liane Legey, for taking their high-quality spiritual, “green” digital publication bi-monthly. You can now read insightful interviews, breaking news about  cutting-edge studies and tips to live a more spiritual, holistic life, twice a month. (The first and 15th of every month).

I've been a featured columnist (OMStyle) since the digital magazine's inception and I'm deeply grateful to Chris and Liane for the opportunity to share my Feng Shui knowledge with OMTimes' diverse readership. It's been a pleasure watching this magazine blossom and grow and playing a small role in that growth.

Now, I'll have two opportunities every month to reach out to the OMTimes audience with Feng Shui tips, guidance and information to help people reach their goals and live their true life purpose.

In a recent OMStyle column, I discuss a very important topic that is at the core of my Feng Shui beliefs and consultations: Using Feng Shui to Return to Your True Self.

In this article, I talk about three important spaces where you can use Feng Shui to make immediate and impactful changes in your life. (They're not the three spaces you might expect!)

Take a look and let me know what you think. Let me know, too, what you'd like to read about in future Feng Shui columns published at OMTimes.

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