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Feng Shui Home: What’s the First Impression People Get of Your Home?

feng shui apartmentWe know our homes and apartments tell stories about ourselves. No message or story is stronger than the first impression your home gives off.

Using Feng Shui to create a positive first impression of your home can help you improve your life in a number of ways. With a home or apartment that presents lots of positive chi as people approach, you will find:

- Greater success in business
- People will hold you in higher regard
- You will attract even more good, positive things into your life

Maximizing the positive impression people get when they first approach your home can also:

- Help your home to sell faster
- Raise property values in your neighborhood (which is desirable if you are re-financing)
- Make YOU feel better about coming home every day

Think about it: When you drive up to a home and see dirty vinyl siding, or old shingles swaying in the wind, you may think the people living in the home are defeated, depressed, and not exactly living their best lives.

If a lawn is yellow and dying, not only does this represent negative chi, it indicates the people who live there may not care very much.

When you are living your best life, you want to also project your best self to others.

Here are some easy ways to make sure your home gives off a positive first impression.

1. Make sure your lawn and other foliage is well cared for.

2. Decorate with colorful flowers (You can coordinate flowers to different trigrams of the Feng Shui Ba Gua on your property in order to help you achieve your goals).

3. Fix any broken rocks or stones or cracked pavement in the path to your home and on your staircase (or ask your landlord to do so).

4. Keep your windows clean

5. If you park your car in your driveway, make sure it's clean and cared for -- no rusty metal or mud on the paint job.

Make a strong first impression and attract more of what you want in your life by taking a few moments to follow these Feng Shui tips. Find out more ways to Feng Shui your home with never-before-revealed Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful. Click here for your risk free trial.

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