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Feng Shui Captures Beauty Within

kim kardashian bella magazine resized 600I perform Feng Shui consultations across the U.S. and internationally, in person, by phone or email, but I am based in New York City. I treasure opportunities to share my Feng Shui knowledge and consult for other New Yorkers. The diversity of living spaces in New York, from spacious loft apartments to small studios to one-family and two-family houses, townhouses and condos always keeps things interesting for a Feng Shui consultant.

I was extremely proud to be featured in one of New York's hottest up-and-coming lifestyle publications, Bella. This high-quality, glossy magazine, distributed at Duane Reade drug stores across the New York tri-state area and at hundreds of newsstands and convenience stores, featured myself and two of my clients in an article titled “Beautiful Home, Beautiful You.”

Bella magazine is all about beauty, and, certainly, Feng Shui makes your home more beautiful which, in turn, reflects your inner being. When we surround ourselves with beautiful things, we begin to feel beautiful. When we feel beautiful, we want to surround ourselves in beauty. It's a cycle that begins by taking one small step to make a positive change in your environment.

I wish to thank my clients for being gracious enough to share their stories with Bella writer Dawn Allcot, who wrote the three-page feature. And kudos to the Bella editorial staff and art department for capturing the beauty of Feng Shui (and finding a fantastic graphic with a very fortunate Feng Shui red door) in full color.

If you live in New York, you can find the March/April 2011 issue of Bella (with Kim Cardashian on the cover) on newsstands and Duane Reade stores now. Otherwise, go to www.bellainyou.com to subscribe. You can also read the full article, Beautiful Home, Beautiful You

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