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Feng Shui Inspiration: Practice Being In The Moment During Everyday Tasks

describe the imageThere are some dull tasks we all dislike, but they may be necessary to make our homes nicer, to keep our jobs, or to achieve our larger goals. Learning how to be in the moment during even these mundane tasks is “practice” to live your whole life “in the moment,” always focused on the task at hand.

For instance, as you fold laundry, take note of the different textures, the scents, even the clothing items themselves and the memories they evoke. If you're washing dishes, consider the feel of the water on your skin, the tactile sensations of the soap and sponge.

If your mind begins to wander to something more “exciting” bring it back by engaging all your senses in the activity.

Find Inspiration in Quiet Moments

Wayne Dyer describes inspiration as being “in spirit.” It's often during moments of doing “wood-chopping” activities -- activities that don't require much thought -- when we are completely engaged in the moment, that great inspiration strikes. That's because we are quieting our minds with these seemingly unthinking tasks, and we can better to listen to our inner voice and intuition, which will guide us to our true life purpose. We may find the solution to a pressing problem, or even discover our greatest passion, which can lead us to a life of health, wealth and happiness.

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