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Feng Shui Hallway: How To Reduce Fast-Moving Chi with Photos

feng shui art hallway Martha Stewart resized 600The flow of chi through our homes and lives can help us achieve our goals, but it can also block us or sabotage us in ways we don't always notice. For instance, negative chi can block or obstruct you, drain your energy and cause health problems.

The Dangers of Rushing Chi

“Rushing” chi, which doesn't flow smoothly, can cause you to feel misdirected and scatter-brained and can exhaust your energy. Encourage chi to flow, but don't permit a “rush” of chi into and out of your home. That feeling of being disorganized, unable to focus or stressed is due to the “missed opportunity” of chi leaving too quickly.

Preventing Rushing Chi

Fortunately, Feng Shui allows us to implement changes in our spaces that can alter or attract chi in a productive way. By strategically placing specific objects throughout your home, you can prevent the rush of chi. Mirrors and live plants can slow down chi in specific areas of your home.

Use Photos to Slow Down Chi

You can also use photographs, paintings or wall art to slow the flow of chi. Think about it: When you place photos on the walls of a long hallway, visitors often slow down to gaze at them. The energy in the space is moving slower, compelling the people to slow down, as well.

You can use photos:
- on the side walls of a long, tall staircase to slow the rush of chi
- in long hallways
- in any space you'd like people -- and chi -- to linger

Appreciating Your Own Home

If you find yourself constantly rushing from room to room in your home, it may be time to take a break, yourself. If you already have photos or other anchoring objects hanging in a specific space, take a few seconds to look at them. Spend time “in the moment,” treasuring the memories the photos evoke.

Have photos that don't evoke pleasant memories? Don't keep them around. Replace them with objects, or new photos, that you love, in order to inspire you to live your best life.

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