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Feng Shui Aromatherapy: How To Feng Shui Your Home with Uplifting Scents

feng shui your home with scentThe sense of smell is a powerful thing; it inspires specific emotions, motivates us, or anchors us into past, hopefully pleasant, memories. The scent of our favorite childhood foods, salt air at the beach ... any of these may be a powerful trigger that takes us back to the emotions we felt at the time: comfort, freedom, happiness.

Feng Shui and Our Senses

Feng Shui is not just about how a space looks and feels; scents, textures, and sounds set a specific mood, too. Use the power of scents as a component of Feng Shui in your entryway. Greet guests with the scent of oranges, mint, or home-cooked foods.

Scents in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are two logical places for welcoming scents. Steer clear of scented candles in the kitchen or anything to mask natural cooking odors, which are pleasant and welcoming. Cook frequently, as it activates your stove -- one of the three most important areas in Feng Shui -- and fills your home with pleasant scents.

In the bathroom, lavender, rosemary and other herbs offer a grounding smell that can help you and your guests relax.

Scents in Unusual Spaces

You can use scents to raise the chi in any space. Consider placing a bowl of oranges (also considered good luck in Feng Shui) on the dining room table, or place a small potted evergreen in your hallway.

Natural Scents

Use scents from fresh and natural sources. I often recommend real incense (not the artificially scented sticks you'll find in malls or mass market stores), live herbs, or fruit to fill a home with scents and avoid toxic artificial scents from room deodorizers.

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