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Feng Shui Yard: Missing Area in Your Yard? Fill it with Flowers

feng shui garden flowersSpring planting season is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to begin planning a Feng Shui flower garden. A Feng Shui flower garden can be used to:

- Introduce healthy, living chi into your space
- Fill in “missing” areas of your home
- Activate specific trigrams of the Ba Gua in your yard in order to attract good fortune and anything else you desire.

When you lay the Ba Gua over the floor plan of your home, you may see “missing” areas. You can complete these areas by adding activating the chi in your yard through light, water elements or flowers.

If, for instance, you want to bring more good fortune to your wealth, prosperity and self-worth area, concentrate on that part of your property. One way to fill it is with a flower garden and by selecting plants and flowers in the elemental colors of the Ba Gua.

Say it with Flowers

Look at the layout of your garden area. Some options might be to plant a lilac bush in your wealth area. Blues, greens and purples correspond to that color of the Ba Gua. This can “complete” the missing Ba Gua.

Another option might be a plant named a New Favorite Perennial for 2011. The Arkansas Blue Star (Amsonia Hubricht), has beautiful, spiky blue flowers and vibrant green foliage. In autumn, the plant turns a vivid yellow, bringing good fortune to the center of the bagua. The plant’s texture adds interest, drawing the eye, filling it even more and providing balance.

Fill in with Other Elements

There are other Feng Shui cures for missing areas. Incorporating white outdoor lights or a shiny, light-reflecting mirrored garden ball can fill in what you want to attract. Adding a small water fountain can also attract wealth to the area.

Remember that all living plants will always increase your chi and having a garden with curved, flowing beds will raise it more. Looking forward to spring and summer? Designing a colorful flower garden with missing trigrams of your home in mind will give you a wonderful, fulfilling activity to plan for now.

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